Let the magic of Argan Oil work on your skin with Aaranya Argan Face Serum

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By Tarry                                                                                
Hello my gorgeous people.... 
So it's spring.... Seriously, the weather is changing so frequently these days. During the day it's sunny and warm, whereas evenings still have that cool breeze. 

BTW, who is grooving to 'Ladki Beautiful' from Kapoor & Sons? Hi Five guys because I seriously cannot get this song out of my mind. OK it's a rehashed version but Alia and Siddharth look awesome together na.... 

Anyways, not shifting anywhere else, winters were really bad for me skin. I have combination skin with oily and dry portions quite strong. And although the winters weren't strong last season, yet they created a havoc for my skin and also my mom's. I was on a lookout for a decent moisturiser or serum that could take care of the skin without much chemicals in it. So when I got a chance to try a face serum that even boasted of SPF and no parabens, I had to try it. 

Presenting my deets on  

Aaranya Argan Face Serum

What the brand claims
This unique face serum is absolutely non-greasy and non-sticky in texture and provides twin benefits of Perfect and Protect. with SPF 15.  

INR 795 for 100 ml 

Many ecommerce websites like Flipkart and local cosmetic stores as well. You can check details on their FB page here

On the Outside
The Aaranya Argan Face Serum is one of the few Argan Oil Face products available in India. It is packed in a plastic bottle with a pump that has a deep teal label. This bottle is further packed in a hardpaper case with all the details. The packaging is nice, user friendly and travel friendly too. The pump also does a decent job of dispensing and one pump is enough for the face. 

On the Inside 
While most of the serums I have used or seen so far are gel based, the Aaranya Argan Face Serum is like a moisturiser.... lotion based. It is not oily, hence gets absorbed easily on the skin. However, those with oily skin may use just one pump for the face and neck, whereas those with dry may need two pumps just for the face. It forms a nice smooth base for makeup also, hence acts like a decent basic primer as well. Those with extremely oily skin can however give it a skip. A decent, hydrating serum that smoothens the skin and brings a healthy glow with regular use. 

A decent product from an Indian Brand. 
- Does not contain sulfates or parabens. 
- Smells soft and fragrance does not irritate. 
- Good to be used before makeup. 
- Hydrates and smoothens skin with regular use. 
- Excellent for normal to dry skin. 
- A little goes a long way, so can be tapped as value for money.
- Has SPF 15

Not really a con, but this is not for oily or acne prone skin. 

The Aaranya Argan Face Serum is one of the Argan Oil products available in India for skin. It has SPF so can be used in daytime too and does a good job under makeup to create a base. It smoothens the skin and hydrates well with regular use. A good one to try if your skin is dry.   

Have you tried Aaranya Argan Face Serum ? 
Which is your favourite brand for Argan Oil products? 

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