Indulge in some choco love for your skin with Ida Naturals Irresistible Chocolate Orange Mousse Handmade Soap

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Hi my beautiful ladies…
So winter chill is finally here with a bang. Generally, it is said that post Makar Sankranti, the chill goes off... But since the last two years, chill seems to be coming only after Sankranti. Blame it on Global warming and blame it on us :(

Chilly winds means I move towards products that promise to quench my skin's thirst. And since I am in a low-chemicals and no-chemicals phase, handcrafted soaps are also a must have in my kitty.  

As you all may know, I am trying out some amazing handcrafted stuff from Ida Naturals by the gorgeous Priya Iyer. When I saw their chocolate and orange mousse soap, I knew I heart this and want it in my life. A sinful chocolate with the lively orange smell.... exotica overload for me... :-) I am nearly halfway on my soap, just the perfect time to talk about it. 

Presenting my deets on  

Ida Naturals Irresistible Chocolate Orange Mousse Handmade Soap  

INR 180 (Well, its handmade and free of toxic chemicals)
So far, Ida Naturals retails only to Facebook but that's what keeps the personalisation intact. You can check their page here

On the Outside
Should I say something about this gorgeous looking soap? It's wrapped in a transparent cling wrap with a simple label giving all the basic details. But what I miss in these labels are details like price, weight and how to use (for a few of them). The various hues of yummilicious swirls make this soap bar super exotic. From a white to a chocolate brown to an orange to a mocha, you find each and every shade inviting and invigorating. Seriously.... drooling at this.  

On the Inside 
AH-MAZING! The moment you get this soap out of the cling bar, it starts spreading its exoticness. The sweet smell of chocolates is blended beautifully with the citrus orange to give an amazing combo. The soap does lather decently, like any cream based soap and leaves a moisturised film on your skin. Post bathing, you may skip the moisturiser if you have oily to normal skin. The exotic fragrance envelops you for a decent long time.... infact nearly the whole day... Someone coming really close to you can feel it after 3 to 4 hours... Overall, I must say if you love exotic smells, do try this out .... 

The IDA Naturals Herbal Irresistible Chocolate Orange Mousse Soap is gorgeousness overload. It looks gorgeous, smells awesome and leaves the skin super soft. Perfect for moments when you really want to indulge in something nice and special... And perfect for gifting too... Do try it. 

Have you tried Ida naturals soap ? 
Which is your favourite brand of handmade soaps? 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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