Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Welcome PEL's new Leisure writer, Evalya Sirpal Khan

Hi my beauties...
Remember I announced on FB that lot of new things are going to happen here... 
PEL is expanding.... going beyond borders.... 
And after Shweta Dawar from Amherst United States, we have another new teammate, joining us from another country, another continent.... another destination... 

Let us raise a toast and welcome 

PEL's new Leisure writer, Evalya Sirpal Khan 

Evalya is a multitalented Indian girl, who is born & brought up in Lucknow, has her roots in Punjab and is now settled in Birmigham, United Kingdom. She did her specialisation in HR in hotel management and after working in some amazing properties across India, fell in love with a wonderful chef and married her love. Now in UK, she is now a lecturer in South & City College, Birmigham. 

As a teammate, Evalya plans to bring some amazing posts from UK, which not only boasts of a huge populace of the Indian diaspora, but also is a culturally rich place. She will bring us a glimpse of her day to day life and also, show us some amazing places around... 

In Evalya's own words - "Hi there...  I am Evalya. Describing myself, I can say that I am the happiest when I get to express myself in some creative way, free from monotony & detail. I love music, drama, art and anything creative... I also enjoy reading and at times, become so absorbed that I tend to forget the world around me. By taking a walk in the nature, I often try to settle my inner turmoil and this explains my love with the nature. Through PEL, I am trying to explore another creative side of me, which I hope everyone would love...." 

Welcome to the team Evalya. It has been so much fun knowing you. I really love your name and your enthusiasm. You are a really creative girl who has such a philosophical attitude towards life. 
Welcome onboard and I am sure you will enrich the blog with your writing. 

PEL pals, Do tune in for some amazing posts from Evalya from the other side of the world. 

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