Welcome new team mate & PEL Leisure Writer, Shweta Dawar

Hi my beauties...
It has always be an enriching journey for me on PEL. Not only i explored a different side of writing, but also, met some really interesting people. And there were a few, who in this journey, met me as complete strangers.... but ended up being best of friends. 

As PEL moves into another year, joining our global team is not just one, but many new faces. We are expanding our horizons, our borders and our love... and there are new people joining hands in nurturing this venture of Love & passion. 

Let us raise a toast and welcome 

PEL's new Leisure writer, Shweta Dawar 

Most of you may remember Shweta. She is an entrepreneur with an awesome brand called 'MaalGaadi India' and had also done some much loved jewellery blogs on PEL. But a normal conversation ended being a much meaningful one, and my dear friends, please join your hands with me to welcome Shweta on board. 

In Shweta's own words - "Hello people, I am Shweta Dawar. Having stayed in Mumbai all my life, I never thought I would fit anywhere better, but my view changed when I came to live my dream of pursuing a masters in Sports Management in the beautiful town of Amherst. I am totally loving it here, more so because not only do I get to meet and interact with people from so many different backgrounds, but I also get to travel a lot. Having worn different hats of being an engineer, an entrepreneur, a tennis player, a wannabe poet and most recently an MBA in Finance graduate, I finally gathered the guts to lead an unsettled life and follow my dream. All this while, writing always inspired me and kept me on track and I look forward to sharing parts of my new journey with you through my blog posts...." 

Welcome to the team Shweta. It has been so much fun knowing you. Your enthusiasm, your dreams, your endless talks and above all, your warm and beaming smile ... all say that you are an awesome person. With you, I have one more friend becoming a teammate and the feeling is awesome. Welcome onboard and I am sure you will enrich the blog with your writing. 

PEL pals, Do tune in for some amazing posts from Shweta from the other side of the world. 


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