Scarf styles to add zing to your winter wardrobe

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By Shweta Dawar 

Hello people!
I shifted to the US a few months back, and I am staying in a beautiful small university town called Amherst, in the state of Massachusetts. I really have been waiting for winters since I time I came here, although people have been warning me that I wouldn’t really want to see winters here. They are bad, with temperatures dropping to -20 degree Celsius on a few days. Well I haven’t experienced that kind of winter yet and I am really waiting for snow but it’s true that 8 degrees feels warm here. Hahaha.
Any way I am sure you will see some of my snow pictures here in the coming future, but for now, onto my first post!

Scarf styles to add zing to your winter wardrobe

Winters give us a chance to dress up and though it can get boring sometimes you can make it exciting by teaming up your sweaters and jackets with accessories like scarves, caps and even boots. In winters here, we generally have to carry a snow jacket and snow boots, which does not really give us much room to experiment but adding that pretty scarf to the outfit really makes a big difference.

My roommate here, Priyanka (I made her a part of the shoot, not that she was not willing :), is seen wearing a beautiful star printed scarf with a plain red tee and a black leather jacket. This is a cotton scarf and can be worn in all seasons and not just winters. The best thing about cotton scarves is that they are not as stiff as woolen scarves and  you can twist & turn them easily in different styles. Priyanka has turned it into the waterfall style where you just wrap the scarf around your neck twice, take the left corner and tuck it into the right side, and tuck the other end of the scarf underneath. It looks amazing with leather jacket & gives it a very racer chic look.

This is my favorite oversized sweater and I have teamed it up with the same scarf in two different ways for two different looks. The scarf is a small length woolen one & in the first look I have twisted it all the way till the end to give it a very different look. This is for those times when you don’t really need a scarf but still want to wear one. In the second look, I have worn it in a simple way over my sweater & have added a boho woolen cap & leather boots to complete the look. Perfect for days when you don’t really have to time to style a scarf.

This one in the above pictures is called an infinity loop scarf. It is the most used one around here, because the scarf comes as a loop so all you have to do is just put is around your neck and you are all set. Also since it is wool, it keeps the neck warm. Priyanka has teamed up a plain purple sweater with a red infinity loop scarf (Yes, she’s a poser). I have worn a black double infinity loop scarf, two rounds around the neck, with my printed Christmas sweater. Both of us chose to wear different caps in order to complete the look.

This one is my favorite! I have styled my phulkari dupatta as a scarf with my oversized sweater. I had worn this dupatta for Diwali and my Chinese classmate, Li, had commented, “Hey! I want that, it is so Indian!” Yes that is exactly what I like about this, it is so Indian. The colors look so pretty and the length is perfect when you wear it in this style as a scarf. It just makes you stand out in a crowd of boring colors. And for me, I just feel so connected to home!
So how did you like the different styles? Would you try them this winter?

Welcome onboard Shweta and this is such a fabulous post. Seriously, scarves and stoles are the simplest accessory to add some colour to dull boring winter outfits. Loved this post a lot & looking forward to more. 

How do you style scarves in winters? 
Which is your favourite winter accessory? 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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