Exfoliation cannot never be sweeter without Aaranya Sugrub Sugar Scrub

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By Tarry                                                                                
Hi my beautiful ladies…
Is the world coming to an end?
 This is what I felt yesterday when it suddenly turned pitch dark at 4 in the noon and after that, what followed was nothing less than disaster. Lucknow really witnessed a mini catastrophe but thank God, it was just a storm and rains.... 

Coming back to this post, well I have been wanting to try Sugar based scrubs for quite some time. Having read different opinions on them being moisturing and harsh at the same time, I really wanted to check them out. Recently, I got a chance to try one them from an Indian brand called Aaranya. Having tried a few of their products, I decided to give this one a try too. With some promising ingredients like sugar and coffee bean extract, this sounded quite tempting. And having used it quite well, I can now form an opinion in it. 

Presenting my deets on  

Aaranya SugruB - Sand Face & Body Sugar Scrub 

What the brand claims
A unique blend of organic exfoliating & moisturising ingredients that refine, polish and pamper the skin. Takes your skin from dull to divine in just a single application. Parabens and Sulfate Free. All natural and organic ingredients. Tested on us. 

INR 695 for 250 gms (slightly on the expensive side)

Many ecommerce websites like Flipkart and local cosmetic stores as well. 

On the Outside
The Aaranya Sugrub Scrub is packed in a big translucent plastic tub with a screw cap. Since the consistency of this scrub is quite thick and grainy, it does not spill. The label is brown hues with all details including ingredients well mentioned on it. Although the font is too small, yet the details make up for it. Overall, decent packaging but not travel friendly due to its size. 

On the Inside 
First thing that hits you when you open the tub is the strong coffee smell. So perhaps the presence of coffee bean extract is quite certified. The scrub looks and feels grainy like a sugar scrub (kind of those made at home) but doesn't feel too harsh. When applied and massaged on damp skin, it dissolves into a creamy, less grainy scrub that does a decent job of scrubbing. After washing the face, it does leave a moisturised feeling and a moisturiser can be skipped by those with normal skin. For the body, this one is awesome. It actually softens the rough heels and elbows and areas like neck and back look polished. 
However, unlike claims of being suitable for all skins, those with sensitive or oily skin should avoid it. The abrasion levels are a little harsh and although they may suit the body skin or dry skin, they will be hard for oily or sensitive skin. 

- A decent product from an Indian Brand. 
- Does not contain sulfates or parabens. 
- Smells amazing. 
- Does a decent job of exfoliation, specially on dry parts of the body. 
- Decent packaging. 
- A little goes a long way, so can be tapped as value for money.
- Moisturises the skin.  

Packaging is not good for travelling. There should be smaller sizes too.  
- Some people may find it expensive. 
- Not at all suitable for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin.

The Aaranya SugruB Sand Sugar Scrub is a one of the best Indian sugar scrubs which is quite affordable too. It does wonders for the dry body skin and can be added to the winter vanity. But for those with oily skin, it should be skipped as it may turn a little harsh. Nonetheless, it is a good sugar based scrub and a must buy for winters. 

#product provided by brand. Review is honest and completely true, without any biases.  
Have you tried Aaranya Sugar Scrub? 
Which is your favourite brand of body scrubs? 

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