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Hi my beautiful ladies…
PHEW! So winters are finally here. Well, they are a little late, but in the last two days, they seem to be picking up fast... Aren't they? BTW, lets take a moment and pray for Chennai and also, salute the spirit of the Chennaites. They need all our prayers. 

I have always had a nose for fragrances. Tee Hee! Infact I have a strong one at that. And that's one of the reasons why I love handpounded masks and scrubs and hand made soaps. They don't have any artificial fragrances added to them and one whiff can take you to a world of peace, calmness, rejuvenation and at times, tranquility. 

Recently, while looking for some handmade soaps, I cam across this very interesting page on FB called Ida Naturals. And a chat with the brains behind IDA, Priya Iyer, actually infused some excitement about their products. So excited I was that I could not stop myself from buying some of Priya's handmade creations. 

Presenting my deets on  

Ida Naturals Basil Turmeric Milk & Honey Soap 

Ida Naturals, Basil Tumeric Milk and Honey Soap, Review, Buy online 

INR 180 (Well, its handmade and free of toxic chemicals)
So far, Ida Naturals retails only to Facebook but that's what keeps the personalisation intact. You can check their page here

On the Outside
The Ida Naturals Basil Turmeric Milk & Honey soap does not have any fancy packaging. Rather, the rectangular soap has been wrapped in a cling wrap. It has a lovely green coloured label which gives basic details like the name and the contents. Overall, I may say that Ida naturals may not score much on the packaging part, but then, prefers to keep it simple which is nice. 

Ida Naturals, Basil Tumeric Milk and Honey Soap, Review, Get exotic handmade soaps online. 

On the Inside 
Now this is something amazing... The soap not only looks gorgeous, but even smells exotic. The package in which it came was majorly dominated by the soap's out-of-this-world kind of smell. Basil strongly dominates the fragrance, which makes it feel a little warm and tranquil. Honey and turmeric come as a second note, thus adding to the gorgeousness of Basil. The fragrance is so strong that my room still smells of this soap as I kept it overnight here... :-) But it isn't strong enough to irritate your nose. The soap is ochre coloured with gorgeous green and white swirls, which make it look pretty as well. It does leave the skin quite soft and fragrant and so far, I haven't used a moisturiser after using this and I have normal to dry skin on my body. Since its handmade, it tends to melt so I would suggest to cut it in smaller pieces.  

The IDA Naturals Basil Turmeric Milk & Honey soap is a wonderfully fragrant handcrafted soap. It not only smoothens your skin, but leaves you smelling amazing and even calms your senses. If you love exotic fragrances and handmade soaps, you must check Ida naturals out.   

Have you tried Ida naturals soap ? 
Which is your favourite brand of handmade soaps? 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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