Wash away all that's not worth ft. Deepika Designs

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By Tarry

".Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, 
but by washing away from it all that is not gold..." 
-  Leo Tolstoy  

Hey my lovelies,

This post is really really special.... Not just because it is a part of my LOST HERITAGE series, but also because at the end of our shoot, it really made me think once again about some hard facts of life. 

The post comes on the pre-Diwali weekend and in a way is my post for Diwali. This is my first ever Indian ethnic post on my blog and I was really excited shooting it. After all, it was my most favourite outfit <3 And after much deliberation, me and my friend chose the oldest Dhobi ghat (washermen's bank) of Lucknow. Situated right below the oldest bridge the Laal Pul, this place has been there since the British era. 

Diwali is all about lights, happiness and bringing in the new. It is also the time when we wash away all that was negative from our lives. Just like what these washermen do everyday. They wash away all our dirt & negativity, and with their efforts, make our clothes and our lives fresh and new. 

Will be talking a lot more, but first here's the style post
Wash away all that's not worth 
ft. Deepika Designs 

Indian Fashion Blog/ JOTD, Deepika Designs, Buy online, Statement Handcrafted jewellery in India, 

I have been a fan of Deepika Gill Bhanot's label Deepika Designs since it started. I have seen it evolve & yet, have the same essence with which it started. Deepika Designs is truly Indian ... not just because it is majorly ethnic, but because it is handcrafted and has a very bohemian, ethnic soul. The best thing about Deepika is that she not only customises her jewellery, but also adds her own 'little something' which makes each and every piece unique. 

For this post, I chose to shop this gorgeous Turquoise and German silver neckpiece from Deepika Designs. It is truly a statement piece and stands out with everything you wear. And only an ethnic, handloom Indian saree could have done justice to this. I chose my favourite Black Chanderi Saree, which I bought from an exhibition from some artisans from Madhya Pradesh a few years ago. The black and gold saree was the perfect base for the big turquoise tear drop beads. They simply look mesmerizing and shone in their own glory, adding to my glow :-) 

The German silver pendant is like the heart of this neckpiece. Shaped like a sun, it compliments the cool turq blue colour of the beads. And while the pendant enjoys all the glory, the beads are not to be left behind. They somehow infuse new energy and rejuvenate the soul in their own way. Take a deep look at the neckpiece.   

The earrings too are German Silver. These spirals are the latest trend on Deepika Designs and I had been wanting to try one since ages. German silver again, they are easy to wear and super light weight. The design, ethnic floral pattern, makes then really versatile to be worn with both Indian and western outfits. Loved them :-) I tied my hair in a messy kind of a bun, used MAC twig on my lips and did smokey eyes. Added a black bindi for that extra touch...  

We really enjoyed this shoot. While we were busy shooting early morning, the washermen were busy with their routine work. 
Not once they noticed what we were doing. As I finished the shoot, I got chatting with a few of them and realised that they have been here since generations. They have been facing problems like the administration wanting to relocate them and lesser work, but for them, this ghat is not just their workplace, but their heritage. Incidentally, these washermen are considered a lower caste. While chatting one of them told me, "We wash away dirt from everyone without thinking twice and make them shine in the glory of well washed clothes. But in a society still bound by the shackles of caste & creed, we are considered low & backward.." 
These words really a deep impression on me... Even as we are talking about a better India, isn't this one of the hardest pricking truths? 

Time to wash away our old, feudal thoughts and make our country more beautiful... just like the clothes washed by these dhobis.  

The super gorgeous Turquoise neckpiece and spiral earrings : Deepika Designs (Check out the FB store for more designs, colours and customised jewellery)

Photography : Naeem Chishti
Concept & Styling : Tarannum Manjul 

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