Some Essential Oils for Oily to combination skin

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I am finally hearing the winters knocking. While the days are still pleasant, the evenings and early mornings have turned nice and cool. SO yeah yeah yeah! winters are coming, although they seem to be at a slower pace this year ..... 

Some of you are aware that I am an aromatherapy junkie. And my little training of the subject has definitely helped me get these exotic and wonderful essential oils well into my everyday life. So while I was getting busy with yet another concoction, I decided to share some bits of aromatherapy with you all too..  

Presenting some  

Essential Oils for Oily to Combination Skin

I am sure we all know that essential oils are derived from various parts of the plant. While flowers are the most used parts for extracting oils, stems, leaves and even seeds give these amazing essential oils. They are widely used in cosmetics, personal care products and even food items for our daily well being. 

This time, I am discussing three essential oils that are a boon for oily to combination skin. 
Tea Tree Essential Oil 
One of the most widely used oils for acne and breakouts, Tea tree is something which all girls with breakout prone skin and even oily skin should have in their vanity. One of the best oils, this can be applied directly on breakouts at night to see them less prominent in the morning. Add it to rosewater to make a lovely toner for keeping skin free from breakouts and excess sebum. 

Lavender Essential Oil
One of the most loved essential oils, this can be applied directly to the skin in smaller quantities. Infact, oily skin beauties can add this to rose water and use it as a massage lotion at night to wake up with lovely skin in the morning. When used regularly, Lavender essential oil also helps in healing and diminishing acne scars from the skin. My personal tip : Use it as soon as your pimple has subsided and you'll see a difference within two weeks. 

Patchouli Essential Oil 
Now this is something which not many are aware off. But people with sensitive skin can actually have problems with tea tree. Infact, I have seen their skin drying up excessively because of which they had very visible dry patches. 
For such beauties, Patchouli is a blessing. It not only helps in breakouts and acne, but does not dry up the skin excessively and instead, balances the sebum levels to give rest to the dry patches as well. While it can be used directly on breakouts, it has to be mixed with rose water or carrier oils for the entire face or other parts of the body. 

I have been using essential oils from Mitti Se off late and really like them for their quality and purity. If you want to know more about their oils or order them online, check their FB page or their website  

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