Revisiting some classics featuring Paulami

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By Tarry

"बचपन का ज़माना था। एक था मैं और एक था मेरा अकेलापन। मैं तो नासमझी के आकाश में समझ की पतंग उड़ाना सीख रहा था और मेरा अकेलापन तरह-तरह से अपने सूने खानों से भरकर अपना जी बहला रहा था।" - 
(They were the days of my childhood. There was me, and my loneliness... I was learning to fly the kite of intelligence in the sky of stupidity and my loneliness was trying to fill its space in different ways) - Amritlal Naagar (lines from Ek Dil Hazaar Afsane) 

Hey my lovelies,

You may be surprised to see me opening my post with some lines in Hindi today. Well, these lines have a lot of significance to this post. They have been penned by one of the finest hindi writers Amritlal Naagar (all hindi literature lovers must be aware of him...) whose simplicity yet use of finest words makes each and every writing of him a classic.

Now the significance with this post.... Firstly, we shot this post in Naagar ji's house, where he penned his classics like Manas Ka Hans and many more. The house is a classic, a heritage in itself. Situated in the bylanes of Old city area of Lucknow, it stands witness to some of the best known works of hindi literature. Also, this post features another classic... another heritage. It features a beautiful handbag which has the lovely kantha embroidery on it. Classic, yet contemporary... Just like Naagar ji writings... 

Presenting to you the style post
Revisiting some classics
featuring Bags by Paulami  

Indian Lifestyle Blog/ Revisiting the Classics with Paulami

 Let me start off with the bag. As you may all remember, I have featured Paulami Saha Arora in O Womaniya. She is an amazing artist, who has given a contemporary twist to the classic embroidery from Bengal, Kantha. Through her collection of handbags, Paulami has enfused a new life into this form, generally seen only in sarees and dupattas, to make them easy to blend in everyday life. 
And this classic silk kantha bag is one such piece too. The two sided bag has a black base with a multicoloured embroidered kantha patch on one side, and a blue base with floral embroidery on the other. It has a wooden handle which is sturdy and beautiful. An interesting thing is that the bags labels has details as to what the embroidery is and where this bag was made. This bag was crafted in Bolpur, West Bengal... 

Here is a complete look of the two sides of the bag... 

Isn't it beautiful...:-) Unlike crafty bags, this handbag is quite spacious too. In these photos, it holds my wallet, a hair brush, compact, tissues, a small hand mirror, lipstick, some gum and still has space.. The black side's kantha panel infact is a slip pocket, where you can put in change and tissues... Perfect for taking to college or office too.... apart from those special occasions when you would like to flaunt this bag with some gorgeous ethnic wear, especially during the festive season like durga puja, diwali, weddings and more.

Indian Fashion Blog/ Bag Of The Day by Paulami 

Indian Lifestyle Blog/ Paulami and Kantha embroidery bags in India

OOTD, JOTD, Bag Of The Day, Paulami,

Now a bit on the lovely jewellery I am wearing. It is from the Durga Puja collection by Deepika Designs. She has also been featured on O Womaniya and is a wonderful jewellery designer. This pendant is called a Hamsa and is a symbol to bring in good luck & ward off all evil. The moment I saw this pendant, I wanted to have it. It is truly gorgeous. And Deepika, who is one of the best ethnic jewellery designers I know off, not only customised the german silver pendant, but also made matching earrings to go with it. Simple, yet classy... another classic.... :-) 

Watch it closely here .... 

JOTD, Hamsa pendant by Deepika Designs 

And here are some pictures of the over 300-year old house where Amritlal Naagar lived as a tenant. Will be doing a complete post with some amazing pictures of the place. 

The post is a part of the lost heritage series. We are really thankful to Ajay Jain of Waltz India and his wife Neelam. Ajay told us about the significance of this place and guided us, we could shoot here only because of Neelam. A part of the house now has a school and generally public is not allowed inside it. But the school management is happy to show it to anyone who is enthusiastic & loves hindi literature. 

I hope you all loved this post. Do check out both the designers featured here specially if you are shopping for the festive season... They are amazing... 

The gorgeous Kantha hand bag : Paulami (Check out the FB store for more designs, colours and creative innovations)
Jewelry : Deepika Designs (Checkout the FB store)

Photography : Naeem Chishti

How did you find this post?
Are you looking forward to the complete photo tour to Amritlal Naagar's house? 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-) Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


  1. The outfit looks super pretty, Tarannum and wow despite having lived in Lucknow, I had no idea we had so many hidden treasures in the city! The shoot location complements perfectly.

    - Deepika (The Brown Muses)


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