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Oil-free clear skin is easy with VLCC Alpine Mint & Tea Tree face wash

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Hello my pretties and gorgeous girls... 
How was the three-day weekend? Well for me, it was a bit hectic as I had to plan a OOTD shoot and we did manage to do it well. Those who follow me on Instagram (do it, I am more regular there now) have already seen a glimpse of it... Really, it was amazing. 

The weather is changing and so are the needs of our skin and hair. I have combination skin and during weather change, some parts become normal while some become super oily. So I am always on a lookout for face washes that not only are more neutral in nature, but also keeps my excess oiliness at bay. My recent trip to the mall saw me getting a new face wash from VLCC this time... and after using it for nearly a month, here are my two cents on this refreshing face wash.... 

 Read on to know what I feel about the 

VLCC Alpine Mint & Tea Tree gentle refreshing face wash

VLCC Alpine Mint and Tea Tree Refreshing face wash, Review, Buy online

What the brand claims
Oily, acne prone skin requires daily gentle cleansing. Enriched with Alpint Mint, this refreshing soap-free face wash deep cleans the pores, keeping them free from oil, grime and makeup while reducing excess sebum production and bacteria that causes acne. Tea tree with its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties washes away germs and problem causing bacteria, leaving your face looking clean, healthier and refreshed. 

INR 225 for 175 ml (Its a huge tube for sure)

VLCC Alpine Mint and Tea Tree Refreshing face wash, Review, Buy online

At Spencers' Retail and Big Bazaar, also online on Flipkart, Purplle and many more ecommerce sites. 

On the Outside
This is a bulky packaging for sure. But big and yet, economical. The packaging is a transparent tube, which beautifully shows the mint green gel like face wash. It has all details even in Persian (Or Arabic) apart from English. The cap fits in well and thus makes this bulky tube travel friendly. It comes in one size only so travelling with a big tube might be a bit of a hassle. Overall, decent packaging...  

Indian Beauty Blog/ Best face wash for oily skin in India, Best drugstore face wash for oily skin
On the Inside
AAH! the moment you flip open the cap and sniff this face wash, a refreshing smell of mint gets into your nose. It is strong but not annoying at all. The face wash is a light minty green gel, which looks like a close cousin of aloevera gel. It lathers well and one drop is enough for face and neck. So yes, a little will go a long way. It cleans the skin well and post makeup removal, does a good job of cleaning the residue. Also, it makes my skin a little bright and matte, and the effect stays for an hour or so which is decent. It also gives a refreshing feeling due to its mint content. Overall, a decent budget face wash for those with oily skin.   

Indian Beauty Blog/ Best face wash for oily skin in India
Thumbs up for
-       A trusted brand name like VLCC.
-       Affordable with travel friendly packaging.
-       Contains Alpine Mint and Tea tree, good for oily or acne prone skin
-       Makes the skin bright and matte.
-       Keeps it oil free. 
- A little goes a long way

Thumbs down for
-      Big bulky packing, not good for the purse. 

4.99 out of 5 

The VLCC Alpine Mint & Tea Tree face wash is one of the best face washes available in the market for oily and acne prone skin. It does its job effectively and also leaves a refreshed feeling. It is good value for money although small purse size packaging would have been appreciated. A good buy for those with oily skin. Do check it ... 

Have you tried any face washes from VLCC? 
Which is your favourite brand for face washes? 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …

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