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By Arzoo Sandhu

Hi all
Hope everyone is doing great & not having a real tough time with the Indian summer & humidity! I have been extremely pre-occupied as I got back from my brief holiday in Chandigarh, India to my university & home in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. With this post, I want to share with you all some gorgeous glimpses of where I live & some of my summer travel adventures here.

B.C. is a province located on the west coast of Canada. The capital of British Columbia is Victoria, the fifteenth-largest metropolitan region in Canada, named for the Queen who created the Colony of British Columbia. The largest city is Vancouver, the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada, & the largest in Western Canada.

I was lucky to go on a quick vacation with my parents who were here for a short period last month. Summer is truly beautiful in Canada as the sun shines on the vast greenery, water bodies & mountains, & there is so much outdoor fun to explore.

Our first must-visit spot was Harrison Hot Springs in a place named Hope, BC, Canada. The Village of Harrison Hot Springs has been a small resort community since 1886. It is a scenic drive about an hour & a half from where I live. These are some pictures from Harrison Lake!

 Our next destination was Whistler, BC which is basically the hillside getaway for people in Vancouver. Whistler is a Canadian resort town in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in the province of British Columbia, Canada, approximately 125 km (78 mi) north of Vancouver.
 It is famous because Canada hosted the winter 2010 Olympics here & also because of the amazing opportunities for zip lining, trekking, skiing that are offered here. 

It is a very touristy place & we sure had a blast! Apart from the destination what is truly fascinating is the drive up to Whistler which is through a highway named the Sea to Sky Highway! It is one of the best drives in the world as the road winds along with the mountains on one side with the Pacific Ocean on the other side.

The third place is something you all might have seen if you are into Punjabi movies! Yes, the White Rock Beach which features in so many Punjabi movies especially Jatt & Juliet ! White Rock Beach is famous for its 1,500 ft. long pier, its 2.5km long beach promenade & of course the large white rock which weighs in at 486 tons & is a glacial deposit from the coastal range.

Finally, we visited Vancouver & enjoyed the city sights & sounds, which is my favourite thing to do because I always feel there is so much to explore & do in Vancouver! 
This is the Granville Island Public Market which is pretty close to the Vancouver downtown.

I hope I was able to share some of my summer adventures here in Canada with you all & bring you some glimpses!
Cheers & stay health till we meet next….

WOW! what a lovely post Arzoo. And I loved each & every click. You surely had such a great time with your parents. For us, these pix will surely make us forget the hot summer for a change. Loved the post...  

Have you visited Canada?
Which is your favourite place? 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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