#OWomaniya - She gives heritage a twist to infuse new life

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Hi my beauties, 

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.... Time for another edition of my favourite column on the blog, 'O Womaniya'. And this time, we present to you a fine designer who has infused a new life into the heritage craft of Kantha work from West Bengal & given it a modern twist. The twist has made Kantha get into bags & jewellery for everyday wear, thus bringing heritage into our daily lives. 

Here's presenting in this edition, 

Paulami & her brand 'PAULAMI'

Q- Tell us a bit about yourself
I was trained in accessory design from NIFT, Hyderabad. Then I worked in many different industries, which had nothing to do with fabrics or fashion accessories. After years and years of work, I realised I had to have something of my own. I very easily get bored so I wanted to do something which was completely new, different from all I was doing at work. Then a lot of day dreams later I finally picked up handicrafts to be my choice for two reasons. One was that financially it seemed a lot easier because it doesn't require high investment for set up. Secondly, when I was looking for ideas I was inspired by this thought that how we always look outside whereas we have such a deep treasure trove to explore within India be it cuisine, movies etc.

Q - How did the label ‘Paulami' happen? And how did the name come in?
Since I am Bengali and kantha being synonymous to Benagal, it seemed only reasonable to start there and design my first range of accessories with kantha stitch. In flashback, I hated my name because there was hardly anyone who could pronounce my name properly. I even remember refusing to go to school because my class teacher couldn't say it properly. Years later, I realised it isn't such a bad thing because it has a unique quality to it and hence people remembered my name. So when looking up ideas to call my brand something, Paulami (Poh-ooh-Loh-Mee) came in easily.

Q - Driven with the concept and philosophy of presenting handcrafted products that showcase Indian heritage, what does Paulami’ offer?
I design the Kantha patterns separately and then they are hand embroidered in Shantiniketan, West Bengal. The bag itself is fabricated here so as to get high quality finishing. The idea is to offer very well finished accessories using craft techniques so currently this is the way to get best of both worlds.

Q - How has been your journey so far?
The Journey has been a lot of fun so far. Since I have never before designed bags or had any experience to do fashion accessories, it’s been a lot learning through trial and errors. I am still at a stage when I am getting confidence each day at a time.
Q - What has been the happiest and most memorable moment in your journey so far?
There have been several happy moments. I do not remember any one in particular because maybe that big moment is yet to come. But yes sometimes I just feel happy thinking I was afraid and now I have a label under my name and people are actually shelling out money to buy it.

Q - Did you ever face any challenges in this journey? How did you manage to overcome them?
The only challenge I faced is that crafts sector is very unorganised and so sometimes it takes much more time and effort than it should, to get the work done. Things such as Whatsapp and mobile internet have made life a lot more easier. I have been getting my work done, sourcing etc mostly through long distance for which I consider myself being being very lucky. I would have liked to travel more but that isn't happening so much due to other commitments.

Q -What are your future plans for your venture of passion ?
I started thinking that I would work for one collection in Kantha embroidery and then move onto some other crafts. But the temptation to explore much more with Kantha hasn't led me to other crafts as yet.  I would like to do collections mixing up other craft techniques and one day maybe have a tiny little store within concept chai bar where you will get foot massages while sipping tea.

It is an absolute treat to the eyes to see your creations Paulami & a treat to the soul talking to you. You are doing an amazing job in saving & giving a modern day twist to Kantha embroidery. Seriously girls, 'Paulami' is your best bet to have a classic piece in your wardrobe in a simple way. Check out her creations on her Facebook retail page Paulami here

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