Give your hair a new life with Schwarzkof Spa Essence Enriching Hair Masque

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By Tarry                                                                                
Hi my beautiful ladies…
I can feel slight nip in the air as I was taking a walk today. The breeze was a little more dry and there was something very sweet about it. Is it autumn already? 

Anyhoo, you all know about my new ombre hair. And this has left my ends and my hair really dry. So I have been searching for products that could infuse a new life into my hair without burning that big hole in my pocket. I remember long back when I got a hair spa done, there were some products from Schwarkof which really suited me well. So my search saw me buying a hair masque from the brand. 

Read on to know more on what I say about  

Schwarzkof Spa Essence Enriching Cream Masque

Indian Beauty Blog / Schwarzkof Spa Essence Enriching Hair Masque, Review, Buy online

What the brand claims
Enjoy ultimate relaxation! Get healthy, flowing and rejuvenated tresses with the Schwarzkopf Professional Spa Essence range. The Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Enriching Cream Mask restores damaged hair and and strengthens the hair structure. Invigorate your hair for a natural luminosity and brilliance. The calming and uplifting ingredients also give you a lavish spa experience at home.

Close your eyes and let your locks get pampered!

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Schwarzkof Spa Essence Enriching Hair Masque, Review, Buy online

INR 600 for 500 ml

Online through and also, on discount. 

Indian Beauty Blog / Fall Winter Hair care for dry, damaged hair 
On the Outside
Just like many other masks, this also comes in a tub packaging. I use a wooden spoon or a plastic spoon to take out the neccesary amount so it isn't bad for me. It's quite sturdy with a white screwable cap that fits well. Inside, as you open, you see a silver coloured foil seal, which is good since it means the product has not been tempered with. The blue coloured label has all the details including date of import etc. Overall, neat packaging although a bit bulky for travelling. 

Indian Beauty Blog / Schwarzkof Spa Essence Enriching Hair Masque Review
On the Inside
Hmmm... the moment you remove the seal, you get a nice soft floral kind of a smell. Nothing too strong, yet very appealing.... The mask is white in colour and is slightly thicker than your regular conditioner but a little less thicker than Loreal Hair masks. It applies on the hair easily and even washes off well. I use it weekly after shampooing and towel drying my hair for 15-20 minutes. I do massage my hair after 10 min to spread the product well. The floral fragrance stays for a say after you wash your hair. It leaves the hair smooth, adds a bit of shine and if you apply a little extra to the ends, it really makes them look nourished. It says an ampule should be added for extra benefit, but I add essential oils and get the same effect. 
Overall, a nice weekly indulgence. 

Indian Beauty Blog / Best affordable hair mask for dry damaged hair 

Thumbs up for
-      Affordable (compare it to spa sessions)
-   Does a decent job of restoring moisture and softness to hair. 
-       Washes off easily. 
- Nice, but not overpowering smell. 
- Leaves hair smooth for three to four days and in a long run, restores health. 

Thumbs down for
-      Tub packaging may not be good for travelling. 

4.8 out of 5 

The Schwarzkof Spa Essence Enriching Hair Masque is a hair mask that does repair your hair in a long run. If you have coloured hair, dry hair or chemically treated hair, this would be something your hair will love. Make this a weekly indulgence and I am sure your hair will say a big thanks to you. It works good even without its essence, so quite economical too. 

Have you tried Schwarzkof Spa Essence Enriching Hair Masque ?
Which is your favourite hair mask?

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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