#Essentialoilsdaily : Best uses of Patchouli essential oil in skin & hair and review 'Mitti Se' e-oil

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Hi my beautiful ladies…
The weather is becoming so very unpredictable now. A weekend back, I could feel autumn coming in and I was all excited. But last two days, the weather has suddenly turned a little hot again during the day and this is what I seriously dislike... 

Anyhoo, am starting off with a new series on the blog from today called #Essentialoilsdaily. Long time back, when I was a very active journalist, I had to cover a course on Essential oils which went for a fortnight. And while reporting it, I decided to learn and understand these precious elixirs too. Since then, they have become a part of my life and now, I intend to share some love with you all too.  

Presenting some daily uses of Patchouli essential oil and review of the 

Mitti Se Patchouli Pure Essential Oil

What the brand claims
100% Natural & Handmade, Free from Chemicals, No Animal Testing, Vegetarian, No Added Preservatives, Colors, Fragrance.

INR 280 for 10 ml

Online through Mitti Se’s official website www.mittise.com & also through their facebook page. The website also gives details of various cities where these products are retailing and the different websites including Flipkart.

On the Outside
Let me first tell you a bit about the Patchouli essential oil. It is also called the oil of the hippies for its calming properties. Slightly woody and earthy in its fragrance, Patchouli is one of the most versatile oils. It can be used with carrier oils like olive, almond or jojoba or by itself too. It is good for acne, fungal infections, promotes healthy scalp and hair growth, removes dandruff, adds volume to hair, heals scars and also, takes care of stress. Now on the packaging. It is best if essential oils are stored in dark packaging as it prolongs their life. And Mitti Se Patchouli oil is stored in a dark brown glass bottle with a plastic dropper attached inside and a plastic cap. Travel friendly packaging although glass may need care. 

Some everyday uses 
Now here are some ways you can incorporate Patchouli in your everyday beauty care. And having tried Mitti Se essential oils, I can vouch for their quality and amazing healing properties. For promoting fuller hair, add 20 drops of oil in 200 ml of shampoo. Try using a mild shampoo. Use this to wash your hair regularly. Also, add 5 drops to 3 table spoons of your favourite hair mask (change quantity according to hair length) and apply for shinier and more manageable hair. You can keep this for a month or till your bottle finishes. 
Add 10 drops of oil to 200 ml of rose water and make an excellent toner for oily and acne prone skin. Spotted a breakout? Dab a drop of the Patchouli essential oil with a cotton bud on the breakout at night. Try the same for fresh acne scars and see them fading within a week. 
Add 10 drops of Patchouli Oil to 1 spoon of olive or almond oil and massage dry hands and skin with it at night. Wake up to super smooth, flake free skin. For dandruff, add 30 drops to 2 tablespoon warm olive oil, with half a spoon of castor oil. Apply regularly twice a week and see the effect. 

The Mitti Se Patchouli essential oils is one of the best essential oils I have used so far. Good packaging and great quality ensures that the oil is good till the last drop. And it is indeed an easy oil to incorporate in your life. Do try and tell me how you like it.... 

Have you tried any natural, chemical-free skin care products?
Which is your favourite brand? Would you like to try ‘Mitti Se’ products?

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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