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By Tripti

Hii all,
Summers have their own flavor. Although I am not a sun lover, but I definitely love the rejuvenation of my wardrobe with the arrival of summers. My shopping idea is to get best deal in minimum price and hence I often shop online and take chances. Incidentally, any of my online shopping never astonished me with its quality or real look, but still always met my basic expectations which led this process go on. But alas, finally I got to share my worst internet shopping experience.

My shopping nightmare with

You might know well the website #Sheinside#. It is now called, a new name but nothing new. It often caught my attention while internet browsing, and luckily they deliver in Germany too. The dresses they offer in their website can amazingly captivate one with their designer look and cheap prices. I too dint take long to order some formals.
The trail of disappointments started itself with the delivery process. Ideally, I was supposed to receive stuff within 5­28 days from the date of order but mine took almost month and a half and that to after constant follow­ups. I would have overlooked it probably, if they were not needed urgently to wear at work but an e­mail from their logistics got me on my nerves saying “Your order was returned to the transit facility because of unsuccessful delivery. Will you want to accept second delivery? If you don't want the second delivery, we can't give you the full refund. As we can't get your parcel from the transit facility and we will bear the loss. All in all, we can only give you 70% refund. “

Phew !!! So, you pay, you wait, you don’t get and then instead of getting compensated for your time and inconvenience, reciprocally you pay them for their goof ups. #WTF#. I asked for second delivery supposedly to avoid further inconvenience but didn’t know that worst was yet to come.... ;­)
I ordered 3 semi– formal shirts along with an innerwear. After a long wait, what I received was a kind of paid trash. The two of three shirts were of very cheap georgette fabric quality, which feels you rugged on your skin and additionally had bad finishing including the quality of buttons. But, the trail is still not over. 

The sizes they offer are so inaccurate. All the shirts of same sizes fitted me quite strangely. One was enough baggy and long. The other fit me in body but so strained in the arms, that I can’t bend them. And along with that, its second top button which keeps opening automatically and can embarrass you before many, if dressed..... And the last but not the least, third shirt which looked so fab on the website fits me well on the arms but anyhow I can’t close its buttons on chest.

 And ya, don’t imagine any wonders with the innerwear, it kept up the cheap quality parameter of this website.
So, the delay in delivery, the cheap fabric quality, size problems, bad finishing altogether made this shopping my worst online shopping experience and pushed me to share with you all. Still, when I access this website, many designer summer clothes attracts me but now I won’t let repeat the history, at least here... LOL....
Have a great time, till my next post..

OMG! I have been reading such rave reviews of sheinside from bloggers from different countries Tripti. But your experience and these photos actually talk a different story altogether. Sad to hear about your experience but good you shared it. Now people will think twice before buying from this site.

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