#OWomaniya : These sisters aim to make us & the earth beautiful... naturally

By Tarry

Hello lovelies....

Here comes the new edition of my favourite 'O Womaniya'. And this time, it is two sisters who are trying to show their love to earth and create natural things. Through their efforts, they are giving us natural and chemical-free products that are not just good for us, but also for the environment. You have already read about their products here and here . Not talking much, meet this edition's O Womaniyas ; sisters 

Fakhra and Tuba Siddiqui of 'Mitti Se'. 

Tell us a bit about yourself ...
"We both are co-founders of Mitti Se. Much before we started Mitti Se, we have always valued all things natural and simple. Tuba particularly is very passionate about plants, the benefits they have on the human body and about Sustainability. Fakhra has been more into education, life skills & living healthy. We think we were too involved in our passion to take up any other vocation except what we love doing. Our parents and spouses supported us. Tuba is a Bio-tech grad aiming at creating eco-friendly alternatives to harmful toxic products. She continues gaining more knowledge about medicinal herbs and their usefulness. BeforeMitti Se, Tuba worked with various research institutes like CIMAP, NBRI, Bio-Technology Park etc. 
Fakhra is a qualified facilitator & a trainer. She designs Personality Development programs for youth & adults. She has worked with NMML, Oxfam, Pravah, TARU, CWDS, Jagori, Action India and various schools and colleges in Delhi and surrounding areas.  She has studied Psychology, Social Work, Human Rights and Duties. Her core interest lies in understanding life and living it responsibly and harmoniously." 

How did Mitti Se happen? And how did the name come in?
"If we recall exactly, similar ideas and practices have started long time back in 2005/6 by eliminating toxic substances and chemicals from our lives. The more we started getting aware of the amount of chemicals we were surrounded with, the more pressing the need became to seek natural and safe alternatives. The idea of making Natural products and sharing with others did start occurring to us now and then and in the year 2010 we took a clean break to start making our own chemical free Body and Home care products with knowledge and formulations derived from Indian traditional books and Ayurvedic system. We started using them and sharing with close friends and family. People liked our products and found them quite effective. This gave us the much needed impetus to start a formal business and expand into the larger outside market. We wanted a simple, short name that conveys our down to earth philosophy and earthy products. In a light-hearted conversation, Sriram - a close friend kept coming up with funny names to tease us. Suddenly he said "Hey, why not Mitti Se? That says a lot about your products." We immediately liked it. It fits our philosophy very nicely." 

Driven with the concept & philosophy of presenting all things natural, what does Mitti Se offer? How are the products created?"Yes, Mitti Se is proudly a completely Natural, human and eco friendly brand. It is free from all toxic chemicals and also free from cruelty to Earth, Humans and Animals. We spend a lot of time researching  and creating the best plant based product. We offer completely natural, cruelty free, hand-crafted, plant based organic skin care, body care, hair care and home care products. Every product that is launched is tested personally by us for several months. All our products are fully bio-degradable. We would like to reach a point where we have a nurturing, enriching relationship with nature and a complementary relationship with people."

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Some products by Mitti Se

How has been your journey so far?"We have got much better results than we expected and far more appreciation and warmth than we thought. So we feel a lot of gratitude and also a re-confirmation in our passion and beliefs. It inspires us to contribute more."

What has been the happiest and most memorable moment in your journey so far with Mitti Se?"There are several! Like when a customer called us saying she wants to order 20 face packs as she likes them so much and she is afraid she may not get them in future! Or when a visitor from another country filled up half her suitcase with Mitti Se Products to gift them to her friends abroad. 
Or when a loyal customer from Korea emailed us his pics of 'Before' and 'After' which show how he had lost almost all his hair and after using our Mitti Se Hair Oil, he grew a full head of black shining thick crop of hair.  
The best is when visiting a store which stocks our products and a customer tries to convince us to buy Mitti Se Floor Cleaner as "It is the Best"! Then we say we manufacture it and he doesn't know how to react! :-)"

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Some products by Mitti Se

Did you ever face any challenges in this journey? How did you manage to overcome them?
"Yes, quite a few of them actually. Having a passion and turning it into a business are two entirely different ball games. Neither of us inherited any business acumen because we do not come from a business family. We both are a bit artistic and idealistic so it took lot of effort to get used to dry business ways of thinking. Fortunately we came across some good advisers and people in our team who are complementing us well."

What are your future plans for your venture of passion ?
"Our goal is to understand and live according to the intricate yet perfect harmony that exists among everything. We are committed to establishing honest, ethical and good business practices, where the focal point is relationship with people and a business model that fulfills a family’s valid material needs. This enterprise is our earnest attempt to create Pure, Harmonious, Safe, toxic free and unadulterated alternatives to daily use products that are harmful and high in toxins."

You can find more about Mitti Se here and on their FB page here 

TEAM PEL is so glad to have known you and featured you guys here Fakhra and Tuba. You are indeed doing a great job & Mother earth will surely love you more. I am completely in awe of your products which really work well. Kudos for your efforts and TEAM PEL wishes you all the best.. 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy …  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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