Mitti Se Nourishing Body Oil is your elixir for good hair & skin

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By Tarry
Happy day dearies….

Life is so unpredictable na…. Just when you think everything is going right, something goes left and everything goes haywire. When you are trying to sort things out, one small ray of light and everything gets in line…
But what to do re! Such is life dearies….

Anyways, am not getting into any philosophical moods for sure.  I have been going more and more towards natural products for skin and hair care these days. And after a lot of trials and errors, I have found one product that has done wonders for not just skin, but even my hair. A few drops and it works like magic. If you follow me on instagram (You should do…. Don’t wait…), you must have already seen a teaser. What follows next is not just a review, but also different ways on how I am using it…  

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Mitti Se Nourishing Body Oil  

Indian Beauty Blog / Mitti Se Nourishing Body Oil is your elixir for good hair & skin 

What the brand claims

Nourishes and moisturizes skin. Removes fine wrinkles, stretch marks, scar marks, imparts glow, relaxes muscles and reduces fatigue. Contains wheatgerm oil, Jojoba Oil, geranium essential oil, almond oil, olive oil.

INR 260 for 50 ml

Online through Mitti Se’s official website & also through their facebook page. The website also gives details of various cities where these products are retailing.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Mitti Se Nourishing Body Oil review, uses  

 On the Outside
I have earlier reviewed Mitti Se’s Aloe Mud Cleanser and am totally fascinated by their products. No sls, no parabens and even no preservatives…. WOW! And all that with an affordable price tag. The brand certainly is impressive. The oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle which is travel friendly and has a golden screw cap.
It also has a stopper cap where you need to pierce a hole to ensure that the product comes out in drops and is not wasted. The label has all major details and is quite colorful. I like the packaging.
Indian Lifestyle Blog / Mitti Se Nourishing Body Oil review, uses

On the Inside
This one shouts ‘VITAMIN E’ in capital letters. All the oils present in the Mitti Se Nourishing Body Oil are good in Vitamin E. And this is what makes it incredible. The deep sunset yellow coloured oil is non-sticky and very light and absorbs into the skin with very little massage. It has a pleasant smell that will not bother sensitive noses and the end note is that of geranium essential oil.
Being a rich source of Vitamin E, it works wonders for those with dry skin, but even for my oily skin, it works great when used well.
Here are my ways of using it :
1.   Under Eye Oil - Works like magic. Just one drop on the under eye, light massage and no more puffy eyes in the morning and much reduced fine lines. I tested it for dark circles too and it does work on them to a big extent. My under eye area feels more firm.
2.   Eyelash And Brow Oil – Use just a drop for each eye and your brows and lashes will love you back.
3.   Face Oil - 3 to 4 drops for dry skin and just 1 drop for oily skin every night. It has brought a nice glow to my face sans breakouts and even stickiness.
4.   Hand Oil - I have very dry hands which are prone to fine lines. But two weeks of applying just two drops on each hand has actually made my hands softer and plumper. Infact, a friend asked me which hand cream I was using. I use it on any body part that feels dry and its awesome
5.   Hair Serum – Yes! I have been using it as a hair serum too. 2-3 drops on damp hair post washing and my monsoon frizzy and dry hair are under control. Also, it imparts a beautiful shine and nice smell which I am loving

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Mitti Se Nourishing Body Oil review, uses

 Thumbs up for
-       Completely natural with no harmful chemicals, sls or parabens.
-       Affordable with travel friendly packaging.
-       Easy to use.
-       Can be used for skin and hair.
-       Makes the skin super smooth and does not break out.

Thumbs down for
-      One needs to be careful on how much to use.

I am hooked onto the Mitti Se Nourishing Body Oil (they should change its name) for life. It has no harmful chemicals and completely natural and does wonders for not just skin, but even hair. This one bottle and you are sorted. Seriously, in my opinion, a must buy indeed... 

Have you tried any natural, chemical-free skin care products?
Which is your favourite brand? Would you like to try ‘Mitti Se’ products?

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


  1. Natural and organic products are totally me.. I loved the multiple benefits of this wud love to try.. well reviewed!!

  2. I really am intrigued by this oil now!!! Especially the under eye circles part :)

  3. This looks like an interesting oil babe! would love to give this a try...Lovely review! :)

  4. The Organik Mart23 July 2015 at 00:20

    Good Product .. Now Available @


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