Summer ready Haul ft Zara, Aldo and more

By Aakriti 

Hi girls,
Summer is here and I bet we've all folded, packed and stocked away all my winter wear.
So like every other girl, I too felt the need for new clothes and shoes after seeing what I was left with from last summer.
I decided to go on a shopping spree to the biggest mall we have here in Chandigarh, the wonderful Elante Mall.
The moment I entered, I was on a mission to get myself new things and get summer ready. What follows next is a glimpse of my haul.

Summer ready Haul ft Zara, Aldo and more 

Indian Fashion Blog / Summer ready Haul ft Zara, Aldo and more 

The first store I entered was ZARA and the moment I stepped in, my eyes turned towards this amazing pair of shoes in off white, perfect for summer to style with jeans , shorts etc. Oh God! I had to have this in my life ;-) 

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Summer ready Haul ft Zara, Aldo and more
I did not see here or there ... I went straight and paid up for this amazing pair.
It cost me INR 1890 and trust me, in a store like ZARA... It's an amazing deal :-)
Next I went to Aldo, of course my favourite store for the love of shoes and accessories I have, and they are always offering me something good.

Indian Fashion Blog / Summer ready Haul ft Zara, Aldo and more
So I came across this amazing pair of slippers, perfect for summers, there was a black, cream and pink colour in these. Being the typical girl, I of course went for PINK. Who doesn't like wearing slippers in summers, it goes with almost every casual thing you wear.

Indian Fashion Blog / Summer ready Haul ft Zara, Aldo and more
Then I moved towards the accessory section and found this perfect daily wear ring bracelet, not too blingy and just lovely for everyday wear and I picked that up too.
The slippers cost me INR 1490 and the ring bracelet was for INR 590.

Indian Fashion Blog / Summer ready Haul ft Zara, Aldo and more
Moving on, I was now left with a little money ... So I decided to go to a pocket friendly store. I was now at Splash and picked this amazing plain V neck red tee for just INR 499. I wanted a plain black fit long skirt, as people who are short tend to look longer in skirts like these. So i picked this up as well from the same store at INR 999.

And I was done for the day, happy back at home, testing and trying my new things. Summer is bliss !!!! So much that one can shop !
Till we meet next, stay happy and blessed and enjoy summers too… tada !

I am officially in love with these slippers Aakriti. They are super cute and look comfy too. And the red tee! Ma Ma Mia! That is some haul I must say. Loved each and every piece... :-) 

Have you shopped recently to get summer ready ?
Which is your favourite item in the featured haul ?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Visiting this blog for the first time, loved the haul.. especially the pink flip-flops from aldo, what an amazing pick for the summer-season. :-)

  2. hey vishakha ... thanks for dropping by ...
    Checked your blog tooo today and loved it . Lets follow and connect each other for mutual love and connect :-)

  3. Loved the Zara shoes !! its classy

  4. Such a cute haul .. Loved those Zara Shoes <3

  5. Totally loved the zara shoes, they are gorgeous :)

  6. LOving the Zara shoes...nice haul

  7. I absolutely love Splash :) What a good store! Nice Haul :)


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