Pop up those sleepy eyes with this pretty Oriflame Beauty Kohl

By Tarry

Aha! So, full blown summers eh! 
Seriously, although I love all weathers, I am actually not liking the weird humidity which is happening at this time of the year. Come on summer, you do have your share of harsh winds. Where are they? 

Anyways, summers in North India mean power cuts. And even in the age of inverters, a sound sleep at night is something which we all may not find in summers. So what happens is that one wakes up looking all sleepy or have a zombie like look in their eyes. 

I am the kinds who seldom wakes up looking sleep deprived, since the first thing I do it to splash water on my eyes. But still, there are days when I want to look just a little more awake and my eyes to look brighter. 

I have had several experiments from white kohl to coloured ones for my waterline. And finally, I have found one. Something which doesn't look as stark as white on a normal day and gives just the right kind of pop we look for. 

So here it is, please raise a toast for  

Oriflame Beauty Kohl in N#De  
Indian Beauty Blog / Pop up those sleepy eyes with this pretty Oriflame Beauty Kohl

  What the brand claims
Oriflame Beauty Kohl Pencil glides easily and gives a smooth appearance. 
The irritation free application is suitable to use even on sensitive eyes.The pigmented shade of black kohl adds undefeated and dramatic definition while the smoothness of the nude shade acts as an eye opener to create an illusion of brighter and bigger eyes.  A must have in every girl’s bag, Oriflame Beauty Kohl Pencil can create different looks according to the occasion.

INR 179 for 1.3 gms  (You can always look for a discount offer)

Online on Oriflame India site and Oriflame agents. 

Indian Beauty Blog / Oriflame Beauty Kohl review, swatch and EOTD

 On the Outside
A simple white pencil which has a skin-toned base to determine the shade. Wooden sharpenable pencil that has a well fitting cap. Silver lettering makes it look really classy. Overall, nice packaging and very functional indeed. However, no mention of ingredients etc does look a bit odd.

Indian Beauty Blog / Oriflame Beauty Kohl review, swatch and EOTD

On the Inside
The pencil indeed is a super smooth and easy to glide option. The colour is a light skin toned with a bit of pinkish hint that makes it not as stark as white, and hence, apt for the waterline for that natural look. This is good for sensitive eyes too, as it does not water the eyes or irritate them. The texture is also very smooth. Overall, just perfect for everyday wear :-) 

Indian Beauty Blog / Best Indian kohl for bright waterline 

Thumbs up for
- A decent brand like Oriflame.
- Nice decent packaging that is sturdy for travelling too.  
- Nice natural colour. 
- Pocket friendly too. 
- Smooth texture, does not hurt the waterline. 
- Well pigmented and stays for around 4 hours on the waterline. 

Indian Beauty Blog /Oriflame Beauty Kohl swatch (middle) against white kohl

 Thumbs down for
-  Ingredients are not mentioned anywhere. 

Indian Beauty Blog / Oriflame Beauty Kohl on my waterline, EOTD

PEL Rating
4.9 out of 5.  (Ofcourse I would like to know what is going in my eyes... Oriflame! are you listening ?...)

The Oriflame Beauty Kohl in N#De is one of the best bets for natural looking, bright and open eyes. It is quite smooth and does not look as stark as the white options. A must have indeed.  
Have you tried Oriflame Beauty Kohls ?
Which is your favourite kohl for open eyes and waterline ?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. I am actually looking for a white or flesh tone eye pencil wud consider this one.. thanks fr the review :D

  2. Great pictures.. I have not tried any liner from oriflame.. Will check it out..

  3. Hey tarry! I never knew oriflame has this in their catalogue, I'll also check this out :-)


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