#OWomaniya : This woman's 'Anokhi' collection will certainly bring out your uniqueness

By Tarry

Hello lovelies,
Life is so strange, isn't it? Often, when you think you are standing at crossroads, there would be a shining light at the corner of one roads and you will find your destination. I am on similar crossroads at the moment, but somehow, I cannot see that light. Hoping that I am able to see it real soon... 

Anyhow, for me, the best thing about this blog is certainly 'O Womaniya'. Through this column which is so close to my heart, I get to know about so many lovely women. And in this new edition of 'O Womaniya', here is a woman whose jewellery and accessory collection promises to be 'Anokhi' or unique enough to make you swoon. 

Here's a toast to the wonderful 

Vinnie and Anokhi Jewelry & Accessories 

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Meet Vinnie of 'Anokhi' 

Q.   Tell us a bit about yourself :
- Fun loving, creative and free spirited is probably the best description I am bestowed upon by anyone who comes in touch with me. A commerce graduate with a family and peer driven mandatory MBA degree backed with 8 long years of corporate experience in work profiles I didn’t connect to at heart. Add to it - two failed business ventures in the past and I thought I had lost it all. Thankfully destiny had different plans and I finally found my true calling with my love for handcrafted and designer jewelry and thereby turning passion into profession, totally by conspiracy of gods and friends alike. A true Aquarian, a dreamer at heart; striving to be fiercely independent in all aspects of life has always been the driving force behind all my endeavours.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / A piece from Anokhi Jewelry & Accessories 

Q.  How did Anokhi Jewellery & Accessories happen? And how was the name decided? 
-  As I mentioned earlier, Anokhi Jewelry and Accessories was born out of sheer accident. I had wanted to do something of my own but with less investment and risk factor. At the same time the primary aim was to finally pursue something I love doing without having Monday blues; like in a typical corporate job. I was always fond of visiting exhibitions and used to admire people retailing such creative stuff. I was on a vacation with my school friends in Bangalore and chanced upon some stunning handcrafted and very unique jewelry and I just bought those on a whim and back home organised an exhibition. That’s how Anokhi came into place. Own designing and online retailing through Facebook page was of course the most practical and subsequent transition to selling customised pieces on a better platform. As for the Brand name ANOKHI, it has very deep personal connotations for me (too personal to share), hence the obvious choice of name for something so close to my heart.

Indian Fashion Blog / A piece from Anokhi Jewelry & Accessories

Q.  What does Anokhi Jewellery & Accessories offer to all lovers of jewellery and accessories?
- The paramount aim of Anokhi was to substantiate as a one-stop shop for an exquisite range of contemporary and indo-western handcrafted jewelry and chic accessories from across India. Each Anokhi piece offers a fusion of ethnicism, contemporary aesthetics & excellent craftsmanship. Customization, value for money and personal touch has been our USP right from the beginning. Our own designed range of jewelry offers exclusivity, which has become the true essence of our brand. Anokhi Jewellery & Accessories also boasts of a collection of beautiful indo-western accessories – digitally printed scarves, printed silk scarves and hand painted dupattas and stoles.

Indian Beauty Blog / A piece from Anokhi Jewelry & Accessories

Q.  How has been your journey so far?
- It surely has been no less than a break neck speed journey of highs and lows; of risks and challenges; a stable goal in foresight but an unpredictable path. The transition from retailing only in home turf through exhibitions to gradually opening greater avenues by creating a strong and steady online presence to adding wholesaling, reselling and every possible mode of putting forward one’s entire product line to a wide customer base beyond geographical boundaries et al. Needless to say a very fulfilling experience so far and the ultimate satisfaction of making so many women look gorgeous in Anokhi Jewellery & Accessories  creations and receiving endless accolades and appreciations for the same from our more than 15000 and counting beautiful fans on our Facebook page.

Indian Women's Blog / A piece from Anokhi Jewelry & Accessories

Q.  What has been the happiest and most memorable moment with Anokhi Jewellery & Accessories ?
- To be able to stand on one’s own feet in a remarkable short period of time; to be able to steer myself in a any direction I chose through Anokhi Jewellery & Accessories has been very empowering and personally fulfilling. Nobody raves about “AVERAGE”. The customer delight expressed through numerous messages and mails to Anokhi Jewellery & Accessories every single day makes me very happy and proud. In this era of all communications conveniently restricted through messages and whatsapps, customers especially taking their precious time out to call you, share pictures flaunting my pieces and tell you with childlike excitement as to how stunning they looked wearing Anokhi pieces and the compliments they received is a never ending source of encouragement and true happiness for me. It is exhilarating to know that in last few months, Anokhi has served as a platform for many a woman in our very own customer database to start something of their own by retailing our jewelry thus lending them a sense of purpose beyond their pressing household and personal commitments. Ever grateful to all these lovely women out there to bring so much joy to my pursuits and endeavours.

Indian Jewelry Blog / A piece from Anokhi Jewelry & Accessories

Q. Any hiccups or challenges in the journey and how you managed them?
- The Path that leads us through the most obstacles often provides the richest journey. Undoubtedly, it has been a roller coaster ride in the initial phase, good and bad experiences with the vendors and the craftsmen, constant new learning’s and experiences with the small and big risks taken, never ending streamlining efforts to get everything on an automated mode so as to smoothly run the business in spite of ever increasing fierce competition, striving for exclusivity, juggling finances to keep afloat and above all single handedly running the whole show with the sole pursuit of making women look gorgeous and happy in Anokhi creations at all times. My biggest strength through all this has been my family and my friends who have just kept me going strong and steady.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / A piece from Anokhi Jewelry & Accessories

Q. What are your future plans?
- First and foremost, the market presence in online space to be strengthened in terms of adding more platforms for retailing and showcasing Anokhi line of jewelry through more shopping portals and our very own website which is already in the pipeline. More emphasis on customisation and creating newer designs to delight the customer base and lending them a differentiated yet desirable shopping experience on an ongoing basis is the ultimate aim. Adding interesting accessories time and again would remain our forte.

"To be considered significant enough to be featured in this blog is an achievement itself. Thank you Tarannum ! Needless to say, striving more limelight for myself and Anokhi on such wonderful and popular interfaces like this one, through happiness quotient of our customers would be our continuous present and future endeavour thereby taking Anokhi to dizzying heights of success..... "

Checkout Anokhi's wonderful collection (it is a lot more than shown here) on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AnokhiJewelryAndAccessories

I am truly enamoured by the collection by Anokhi. And Vinnie, you certainly have an eye, or rather two, for creativity. Each of your sets is a classic piece in itself and does look 'Anokhi'. I have totally fallen for the uniqueness and the vastness of your collection. Kudos to you and all good wishes from Team PEL and its pals for a very successful growth of Anokhi. 

How did you like this feature?Are you also involved in any such initiatives or know anyone and would like them to feature as 'O Womaniya'?

Do write in the comments box below with your mail id or connect at panchtatva.essenceoflife@gmail.com...


  1. Thanks for featuring them here, or else I would have never known they existed ! :-)

  2. wow....That's really beautifully! I love such ethnice collection :)

  3. Hi Richa. For this wonderful collection and more , you can visit our Facebook Page - Anokhi Jewelry and Accessories. Thank you for the lovely compliment :-). Vinnie

  4. Hi Vishakha. For this wonderful collection and more , you can visit our Facebook Page - Anokhi Jewelry and Accessories. Thank you for the lovely compliment :-). Vinnie


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