Lipstick! na na ... just a lip balm, that's Maybelline Electro pop Pink Shock

By Tarry

Happy Summers girlies... 
The official Indian month of summers begins. And yes, Northern India is getting hotter. The sun seems to be trying to ensure that it fulfills its targets so that it can get an increment in March '16 :-)

By now, am sure you all know how much I love my lip balms. And I am always on a lookout for atleast one in my kitty that gives my lips a nice subtle colour with moisturisation. And when Maybelline launched Electro Pop, I was sure to try atleast two. 
You guys have read about my two cents on the Electro Pop Berry bomb here. So when recently, my Berry sweetie was coming to an end, I decided to buy another one... 
And what follows next are my four cents .... 

Maybelline Electro Pops Lip Balm Pink Shock  
Indian Lifestyle Blog / Lipstick! na na ... just a lip balm, that's Maybelline Electro pop Pink Shock 

  What the brand claims
The next generation of lip balm is born, from Maybelline New York.
Adult strength care for baby soft lips in vibrant neon colors.
Sheer color and shine. Infused with electric color in our exclusive lip renew formula, for a sheer tint of color and shine. 8H continuous moisture. Formula with shea butter and vitamin E gives lips a soft and natural finish and leaves a supple and smooth feeling. Clinical strength lip balm. 88% Had Smoother Lips. 82% Had Less Dry Lips. 70% Had More Supple Lips. 83% Had Better-Looking Lips 

Indian beauty Blog / Maybelline Electro pop Pink Shock review, FOTD
INR 165 for 3.5 gms  

Online on many sites and all Maybelline India counters. 

Indian makeup Blog / Maybelline Electro pop Pink Shock review, FOTD

 On the Outside
A colourful packaging. Like all of its category, this also comes in a cardboard box with transparent cover. Remove this and comes out a very cute looking cylindrical tube. Black tube, with transparent cover that has pink top, bottom and neon pink lettering. Very adorable and sturdy too. I have not seen any of my Maybelline lip balm packaging cracking.... Lovely :-) 

Indian beauty Blog / Maybelline Electro pop Pink Shock is the best drugstore lip balm in Indian market

On the Inside
Aha! and a double Aha! and some more! and some oohs too.... Okay, before I get carried over ... Lets get back to this world ;-) This one is seriously so well pigmented. Just a swipe and there is a healthy colour on the lips. Two swipes and it looks like pretty sheer pink lipstick. I wore it to an evening function the other day and everyone kept asking me what shade I was wearing. It does moisturise the lips well and does not give a waxy kind of a feel. However, the effect stays only for 4 hours and one has to reapply after that. Still... i love it so much that I don't mind <3 <3 
Indian beauty Blog / Maybelline Electro pop Pink Shock review, FOTD
Thumbs up for
- From a trusted brand like Maybelline.
- Very good, sturdy and cute packaging. (Love you Maybelline) 
- Colour is well pigmented and looks gorgeous. It looks like a sheer lipstick. 
- Pocket friendly too. 
- Does moisturise the lips for a decent time. 
- Leaves the lips super soft and smooth. 

Indian beauty Blog / Maybelline Electro pop Pink Shock under natural light

 Thumbs down for
-  Does not hydrate for 8 hours as claimed. 
- Does not have any SPF so cannot be worn in summers during the day :-( 

Indian beauty Blog / Maybelline Electro pop Pink Shock under flash light

PEL Rating
4.8 out of 5.  (No SPF is a major con for me... hope Maybelline is listening...)

The Maybelline Electro Pops lip Balm in Pink Shock is one of the most pigmented lip balms in the drugstore range. It is light on your pocket, has an awesome colour payoff and looks cute too. Perfect everywhere... Just wish it had some SPF too. Would have made awesome for the summers as well. 
Have you tried Maybelline Electro Pop Lip balms ?
Which is your favourite variant ?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. I have tried this and this is my fav. This post reminds that I need to buy the backup :D

  2. Thanks for dropping by Swathi.... This is my favourite too and I have always seen this out of stock ;-) So I have already got two backups :-) But just wish it had SPF


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