#OWomaniya : The 'glitter' of this 'bug' can surely make your day

By Tarry

Hi my sweeties and lovelies…..

Recently, some of you emailed me asking why I stopped the column ‘O Womaniya’. Well actually, I did not stop it. Afterall, there are never enough of women who are doing an amazing job with entrepreneurship. But somehow, things were a bit belayed.
However, ‘O Womaniya’ is back and in action. Meet our new ‘O Womaniya’ Anmol Shetty, who through her brand Glitterbug is making lovely and affordable jewellery…. From passion to profession and now, superb passion…

Meet Anmol and her ‘The Glitterbug’

Indian Lifestyle Blog / #OWomaniya : The 'glitter' of this 'bug' can
surely make your day 

-          Tell us a bit about yourself dear
A Mumbaikar at heart now settled in Bangalore after marriage, I have completed my Engg & MBA in Finance but working in the corporate world didn’t cater to the creative streak in me. So after shifting to Bangalore I decided to start off on my own with the support of my husband.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / #OWomaniya
-          How did The Glitterbug happen? And how did the name come in?
Well, I always wanted to do something like creative, where I make something with my own hands. I started researching online and came across stunning beaded creations by the Beaders in USA, and this beaders association is what inspired me to get into handcrafted jewellery designing. Afterall, the pleasure of making something with our hands is simply out of this world.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / The 'glitter' of this 'bug' can surely make your day
-          What does The Glitterbug offer to all lovers of jewellery?
The normal perception about handmade jewellery is that it is not classy enough, that it cannot compete with readymade accessories in terms of quality & most importantly, it can only be worn with ethnic wear. My aim is to design pieces which cater to women of all age groups and for different occasions. Hoops, Dangling earrings ,charm bracelets, anklets, necklace sets made with glass beads, metal as well as semiprecious beads. One can also check out our exquisite range of imported European charm bracelets.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / The 'glitter' of this 'bug' can surely make your day

-          How has been your journey so far?
Each day is a new learning opportunity for me. At Glitterbug, we believe in constantly challenging ourselves to come up with even better designs to keep our customers hooked & charmed, quite literally. The Glitterbug recently celebrated its 1st anniversary & we have almost touched 3000 followers on FB. Off late, on popular demand we have even started participating in selective exhibitions across Bangalore. But we ship across India.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / The Glitterbug jewellery and accessories

-          What has been the happiest and most memorable moment with The Glitterbug?
Every appreciation we receive from our beloved connoisseurs is a new feather added to our cap. With the amount of love & support we have received in this short span of time, it’s hard to pick & choose one special moment.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / The Glitterbug jewellery and accessories

-          Any hiccups or challenges in the journey and how you managed them?
Our biggest challenge is customizing jewellery to suit the tastes of women from different cultures & cities. But, it’s a challenge we enjoy undertaking. Also just like any other field, we face a lot of competition , but as time passes by The Glitterbug is working on setting a benchmark for others to follow

-          What are your future plans?
Our biggest aim right now is to have our own website, although we are thriving well on Instagram and Facebook. For The Glitterbug, the sky is the limit and I just want to see the glow of the bug all across the globe.

OMG! You are so pretty Anmol. Really loved the pix of yours. And yes, your handcrafted jewellery is very pretty indeed and ofcourse can go with a number pf attires. All the best to you and your brand. May your bug keep glowing. 

How did you like this feature?Are you also involved in any such initiatives or know anyone and would like them to feature as 'O Womaniya'?

Do write in the comments box below with your mail id or connect at panchtatva.essenceoflife@gmail.com...


  1. Her jewellry is so prettyie! Will definitely checkout her page...Love this series :)


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