Feel like a movie star in Ramoji Film City

By Aakriti

“I sometimes really want to be an actress! Having grown up on Shahrukh Staples like K3G, DDLJ, KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI over a zillion times, I almost can recreate them as I know the dialogues by heart  ;-)
Oh how I wish I could have some role in a movie, be it a sidey two dialogue role…” !

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Feel like a movie star in Ramoji Film City

Hello my dear friends,
You must be wondering how all this blabber and banter is even related to a travel piece in the #TravelIndiaDiaries. Ok jokes apart, It's because I visited the world's largest filmcity situated in Hyderabad. RAMOJI FILM CITY.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Feel like a movie star in Ramoji Film City
Truly, a place where you can,

Feel like a movie star in Ramoji Film City

Indian Travel Blog / Feel like a movie star in Ramoji Film City
As I reached there, literally got all dramatic, could hear the "aaa aaaa aaaha" music like in K3G in my background haha! This place is HUGE…. . Its not all about films, but its about fun, leisure, sets, eat outs everything ! Since it is situated in Hyderabad, do make sure to find options for best hotels in Hyderabad. And if you are travelling by Air, look for hotels near the Hyderabad airport.

Indian Travel Blog / WO! What a car... truly... vintage

The only thing is ... all this is Filmy style , be it the restaurant which is named as "DIL SE" or fake country side sets. It was all so amazing. After fun and frolic at ride and entertainment park and short 4D movies, they take you on a filmcity tour in amazing open red vintage buses and stop at various places like the Ramayana set and more.

Indian Travel Blog / The sight seeing bus of the Ramoji Film City

Indian Travel Blog / The Ramayana Set at Ramoji Film City

OMG! It’s all soooo pretty, jail sets, railway station where I went all crazy imagining SRK trying to pull me inside the train but blehh.. no SRK there , no Moving train haha.
Our last station was at a set of garden, butterfly garden , bird garden I swear have never seen soo many bird in my LIFE , and then the last bonsai garden which I think all nature lovers would surely enjoy. The whole scene and environment there was like a scene from ‘Om shanti Om’, shooting in 80's !

Indian Travel Blog / That's my version of Kiss From a Rose ;-)

I really wish there were some audition I could take part in. Then, I would have been the first to post this as a celebrity travel diary at PEL ! hahaha. 
If you are a movie lover, a film freak or just a tourist visiting Hyderabad, this place is surely a must visit on your list. Do check these pix to see what I am saying.... 

Indian Travel Blog / Trapped !!! 

Indian Travel Blog / Apna Desi Statue of Liberty.... 

I have heard so much about the Ramoji Film City Aakriti, and now, you give me a Saakshaat Darshan ;-) A lot of planning has indeed gone into this place and it is so amazing. The Indian version of Universal Studios for sure. And loved your expressions with the Batman. Wonderful post...  

Have you been to the Ramoji Film City ? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


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