Enjoying amazing hair.... My hair growth story with MABH oil

By Tarry

Hi my sweeties….

Well, am in a good mood today! Why? I just saw the first flush of my favourite summer flowers…. The gulmohar! Oh I just go crazy looking at them and also, amaltaas and Palaash… Seriously, I am an all weather girl for sure  J

This is a post which I love writing and love sharing! Its my journey during the MABH Hair Growth Bloggers Challenge. Since October, I have taken this challenge and although was a bit inconsistent due to different reasons, I still am loving the results. Infact, I recently met by old stylist (who shifted to another city and was here on a vacation) and he said that after a lot of damage, now my hair looks amazing. And he was surprised to see the length too since I have never been a long hair girl... 

So here it is, 

Enjoying amazing hair.... My six-month hair growth story with MABH oil  

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Enjoying amazing hair.... My hair growth story with MABH oil ... length in February end

Anyways, here are some posts of the beginning of the challenge. I not only used this oil atleast once a week if not twice, for two hours. I also used some hair masks and also, am regular with drinking amla juice. You can check out the different hair masks here and here in these posts which have some amazing hair masks..
Indian beauty Blog / My hair growth story with MABH oil ... length in November 2014 

The journey so far :
Since October '14, my hair has grown about 6 inches in length. Yes, 6 inches and it falls beautifully in the layers they have outgrown in. The hair is lot voluminous, bouncy and wavy.  Infact, some days I just leave them open although all through my life, I never have. Not even for formal occasions. But now, somebody stop me ;-) 

Indian beauty Blog / How to grow long hair faster 

I am still continuing with the challenge and above photograph, which was shot in February end and is a glimpse of an OOTD, is a fine example of what MABH and some hair care changes have done for my hair.

If you would also like to try MABH Herbal Oil, you can buy it from MABH.in

Have you tried the MABH Hair Growth Oil  ?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. you look so cute and adorable in the pics :-)


  2. You look adorable :)


  3. Your hair looks super bouncy! Beautiful <3 Thanks for your update Tarry!


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