Channelising my inner strength.... featuring B Kind

By Tarry

Hello my pretty ladies ...

How was the four day weekend for all of you? For me, it was super damn hectic kinds. After many years, my creative side got a super duper boost... So, busy but worth every minute :-)

Anyways, how many times you have encountered a situation where, your inner strength, your inner courage, was channelised and you came out victorious from a tricky situation? Well, this is exactly something that happened during this shoot. What made us come out was keeping calm and using our forgotten powers ;-)

As I reveal the story to you, here's presenting the latest OOTD,

Channelising my inner strength

Featuring B. Kind

Indian Fashion Blog / Channelizing my inner strength.... featuring B Kind 

We love scouting for new locations and new ideas for the blog's OOTD posts. Its mostly me and my photographer friend only when we do these shoots and never we have been troubled by anyone. But this time, while shooting in a forest area (we had paid for permissions since there is an entry fee to it), we had a bad encountered. 

My photographer friend was busy checking the light that was filtering through the trees, while I was just looking for some interesting backgrounds, when two hooligan looking men approached us. Looking at me very slyly, they said that we cannot shoot here without paid permissions and they wanted to see what we were shooting. For a moment, both me and my friend were taken aback. 

But within minutes, we realised that these are just trouble makers. My friend was quick to respond that we are journalists and we have all permissions. Adding to him, I snapped back these guys, "Show us your identity cards. Who are you?". Now they weren't expecting an answer. Seeing their amazed reactions, I quickly took out my phone, started dialling a number telling my friend, "I know the Police officer of the area. Let me call him up and tell him what's going on,", with complete confidence. My experience as a journalist certainly brought out my inner confidence and strength once again.  

Sensing that we haven't fallen into their trap, the guys decided to scoot off.... But my friend was amazed at my confidence. Off late, times have been tough and somehow, my inner confidence was lost. But this incident helped me bring it out once again.... 

Having written enough, now check out the photos. 

Indian Fashion Blog / OOTD featuring B Kind

Indian Fashion Blog / Styling a hoodie 

What I love about this hoodie from B Kind is that while on one hand the colour is very feminine, the combat print brings out the fighter in you. A fighter, who is ready to take on any kind of a situation, any kind of combat. 

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Channelizing my inner strength.... featuring B Kind

Indian Fashion Blog /Styling denims in spring 

I team the hoodie with my favourite pair of denims from Levi's, which have well become my second skin now. It is interesting to see that the hoodie is just perfect for curvy girls like me as it clings in the right places and beautifully, frames your figure. 

Indian Beauty Blog / Levi's Denims styling and OOTD 

Indian Fashion Blog / Curvy fashion styling 

Finally, just like I am in love with this hoodie, I am also in love with the photographs that finally came out.... 

Indian Fashion Blog / Combat print styling for everyday wear

You too loved them, didn't you? Now here are some shots that I specially love... 

Indian Lifestyle Blog / FOTD featuring MAC Twig 

Indian Makeup Blog / Everyday Natural Spring Summer look

Outfit Details :
Denims : Bold Curve By Levi's
Combat print Hoodie : B Kind apparels. Check out their latest collection here
Footwear : Dark Tan flats from

Makeup :
Face : Loreal Paris Magic N*de Liquid Powder Foundation (my current favourite)
Mac Blush in Melba
Eyes : Elf natural eyeshadow, Inglot gel liner 77 and Lotus Kajal
Lips : Colorbar lipliner Natural, MAC Twig

Photography by : Naeem Chishti

How did you like this OOTD and styling post on PEL?
What's has been your moment when your inner strength was reflected ? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. God that is weird. I know a lot of my friends say that people like these just are looking for places where they can trap people and ask money., I'm sure they were in no way related to the park or had any decent motives. Great move!!!

    I loved the pics and the hoodie is really perfect :)

  2. I can totally understand that happens a lot..
    BTW u look lovely in these pics

  3. Great pics n a lovely post ! U look great Tarry👌


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