#JewelleryJunction : Get “hand-cuffed” with beautiful hand cuffs this season


By Shweta Dawar
Founder, Maal Gaadi India

Hello Everyone!
This is my 1st post for Panchtatva blog, and I am so happy and excited to be a part of this beautiful blog. I am sure you must all have seen the JOTDs where Panchtatva has featured some beautiful pieces from my baby, Maal Gaadi India.

I always believe that jewellery can add that glam quotient to any outfit and through my column, I will not just bring the current jewellery trends, but also, show you some interesting ideas.

In my first post, I am talking about the hottest trend this season, 

the Hand Cuff trend.... 

Indian Lifestyle Blog / #JewelleryJunction : Get “hand-cuffed” with beautiful hand cuffs this season

Bangles are a thing of the past, now it is all about statement cuffs!
I am sure you all must have loved seeing the beautiful Jacqueline Fernandez dancing to the very hummable ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’ from the Bollywood movie ‘Roy’… And her silver cuff which she sports does catch your fancy, doesn’t it J

Indian Jewellery Blog /
#JewelleryJunction : Get “hand-cuffed” with beautiful hand cuffs this season

Whatever your style be, cuffs suit all kinds of looks- be it rock, glamorous or bohemian. Broad cuffs in silver, gold and copper are the most common, but this one from Maal Gaadi India’s collection is definitely one of my favourites. It can do wonders to an outfit especially if you are running late and do not have time to dress up.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / #JewelleryJunction : Get “hand-cuffed” with beautiful hand cuffs this season
The best thing about these statement cuffs is that if you are sporting a broad solid cuff, you do not really need any other jewellery. The cuff alone does the job. And hence it is perfect for the everyday look!

Indian Lifestyle Blog / #JewelleryJunction : Get “hand-cuffed” with beautiful hand cuffs this season

This silver cuff from Maal Gaadi India is so pretty and you can carry it off with any outfit. It is also a good choice for people who do not want too much of bling, yet want to add some classiness and trendy feel to their look.
 Sport this cuff with a crisp white shirt and nice linen trousers and look every bit a powerpuff girl. Sport this with a flowy maxi dress and you are ready for the summer heat. Be it dresses, skirts, denims or even trousers with a tucked in shirt, cuffs are definitely the perfect jewellery option this season.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Me sporting a hand cuff on my vacation 

I visited Goa recently and the one piece of jewellery that I wore almost every single day was the hand cuff. It just went with all my outfits and it looked classy and pretty. Seen here, I am wearing a personal favourite piece at the Aguada Fort, Goa.
 Oh yes, did I forget to mention that the hand cuffs not only look amazing but are extremely affordable too! A must have I say! You can check out Maalgaadi’s range of handcuffs here on our fb page.
Until next time!
Stay happy and keep accessorising J

A very interesting post Shweta and welcome to PEL. We at PEL have loved styling MaalGaadi’s amazing accessories and now, it’s nice to have you talking about jewellery trends. I too loved Jacqueline’s cuff in the song and each and every piece here is indeed eye catching too.

About the columnist 
Shweta Dawar is a MBA graduate who is planning a career in sports management. An athelete and sportwoman, Shweta used her MBA skills and her creative mind to form MaalGaadiIndia. At MaalGaadiIndia, she retails affordable jewellery, accessories and even funky decor items. 
For PEL, she joins hands for a fortnightly column, #JewelleryJunction

#the first two images have been taken from Google images.

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  1. Very well written and absolutely true !! The hand cuff definitely compliments the look. Love Maal Gaadi's collection waiting for your upcoming posts on the blog !!

  2. Thank you Manveet! Glad you liked it!! :)

  3. i totally agree with what is written..it is definitely a must have and you are pretty much rocking it..love the maal gaadi collection as much as this blog.. cheers😘

  4. Handcuffs are not for me bt they definitely make a good style statement :)

  5. Handcuffs add an edgy element to every outfit!

  6. Thank you Silky! we are so glad that you like our collection as well as this blog! :D

  7. for cuff bracelets & other jewelry accessories please visit http://www.facebook.com/newpinch77


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