Simple Day time rose gold and black smokey eye look

By Aakriti

Your eyes are the window to you, and dressing them makes your windows even more beautiful.... 

Hi girls, 
We Indian girls are blessed with beautiful eyes. Well yes, whether we have small eyes or big, monolid or deep set eyes, they are all beautiful. And we all love to enhance the beauty of our eyes, don't we. 

Well today I am presenting a very easy and simple day time rose gold and black smokey eye look, that looks amazing for even those girl time out with friends. It needs some basic products and the brands really don't matter here. Use what you have and what you like ;-) 

Simple Rose Gold and Black Smokey eyes makeup 

Step by Step : 

1. Prime your lids. You can use any eye shadow primer, a concealer or as I did, a basic BB cream. The idea is to ensure a smooth palette. 

2. Apply a rose gold eye shadow all over the lids. From the base till the below of the eyebrows. The colour is super gorgeous. I used a rose gold e/s from NYX. 

3. On the outer half, apply a matte black eye shadow. Use a matte one here because the shimmer from rose gold gets mixed for a subtle effect. I used a black matte eye shadow from the Inglot Freedom System. 

4. Blend Blend, blend blend blend. You get a nice greyish colour. Keep it only till your crease, not above it. 

5. Apply eye liner with a small wing extended upwards. I used the Maybelline Hyper Sharp pen eyeliner. 

6. Finish the look with oodles of mascara both on upper and lower lashed. I used the Loreal Volume Million Lashes, which is my HG mascara these days. 

Tada! It's done. Yes blending may need a little time and practice, but it isn't too difficult. I hope you all loved it. 

You did a fab job Aakriti. This is such a simple look yet looks soo damn classy. I loved it and will surely try it out. Taking out all my palettes ;-) 

How did you find this post?

Which is your favourite colour for a smokey eye? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. That is a lovely smokey eyes.. m so lazy to do eye make up bt brown has got to b my fav :)

  2. Very beautiful eye makeup! :)


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