My Journey to beautiful hair with MABH Hair Growth Challenge

By Tarry

Hello lovelies, 
How have you all been? And how are the weather changes treating you? 
Well, my sinusitis just goes for a toss in this changing weather. And have been keeping a bit low for loads of other reasons as well. But, there are some small sunshines in the middle of dark clouds as well. 
Anyways, today's post is something which is long due.... Loooooooongg... he he he !
It is my journey during the MABH Hair Growth Bloggers Challenge. I know this is a very overdue post but somehow, I think after using this wonderful herbal oil, created by Lancy, for three months, I can say I am really hooked to it. With just small changes in my hair care routine and MABH Hair Growth Oil in my kitty, I am enjoying growing my hair long, for the first time. 

Indian Lifestyle blog / My Journey to beautiful hair with MABH Hair Growth Challenge

 The journey so far : 
Well, all I can say is this is one of the most amazing journeys in hair care I have had so far. In December, as the weather got more cold, I was washing my hair only twice a week. So I was practically applying the MABH Oil for just two hours once a week. But, the magic kept working. I did not suffer majorly from the dry winter flakes. These are something that make my hair dry and limp every winters. 
But with MABH, not this time :-) 
Since October '14, my hair has grown 3 inches in length. Yes, 3 inches which is a decent growth for winters. I don't have winter flakes at all and no split ends either. The hair is lot voluminous, bouncy and wavy. 

Indian beauty blog / My Journey to beautiful hair with MABH Hair Growth Challenge
Some hair masks I have been trying
Here are some hair masks I have been trying which are working awesomely for my hair. I use them on my hair for 30 minutes before washing my hair every Sunday. 

1. Beetroot leaves and curd hair mask - Take leaves of beetroot (you can get it from your sabjiwala for free :-) and grind them into a paste with some curd. Apply this to your scalp and paste (wear old tee shirt as this mask can stain heavily) and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash with mild shampoo. This has irons and zinc which leaves your hair shiny and super strong :-) 

Indian Lifestyle blog / My Journey to beautiful hair with MABH Hair Growth Challenge
2. Over ripe banana, curd and MABH oil mask - grind an over ripe banana with curd in a grinder. Add some warm mabh oil and make a runny kind of paste. Apply this on scalp and on hair liberally and wash after 30 minutes. No frizz, super smooth hair :-)  

I am still continuing with the challenge and above photograph, which was a part of a OOTD you all have loved, is a fine example of what MABH and some hair care changes have done for my hair. 
If you would also like to try MABH Herbal Oil, you can buy it from

Have you tried the MABH Hair Growth Oil  ?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. I havn't tried MABH oil yet! Would love to give it a try now! You are looking preety btw, nice hair! ♥

  2. Going by my experience Dhanshree, you must try this oil. Its amazing. and Thanks for your compliments dear

  3. ur hair looks lovely & bouncy I wish my grow thick now trying all possible methods to reduce hair fall :)

  4. In the second pic, ur hair indeed looks voluminous, amazing growth !

  5. Love your hair.. and smile Tarry! <3 Thanks a lot for the update! I am definitely trying the banana hair mask soon!!


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