My Dubai Travel Files : the Desert Safari

By Tripti

Hello my dear friends......... 
lots of happy wishes for 2015. Hope you all are enjoying the arrival of spring. The end of winters and 2014 left me weighing a kilos more because of a wonderful vacation and meeting family after a long time.

Though, we are still not done with Europe, but a break from European landscape was much needed to love it more... So, me and hubby decided to land in Dubai for our winter vacations... meeting family was another hidden motivation. Dubai, one of the world celebrated holiday spot (for winters). Even after being in Asia, Dubai rules the hearts of many Indian tourists and Bollywood pushes it more.
Dubai, a man­made heaven presents you all possible flavors and sights you can wish. Be it the extravagant luxuries of hotels, shopping, Clubbing (night life), the glare of Gold, desert experience, skylines, beaches... all this makes Dubai a royal holiday spot. It would be definitely an injustice to my Dubai trip, if I wrap up everything in a single post... so, let me begin with one of my favorite memories of Dubai

The visit to Desert­ Safari  

Indian Travel Blog / My Dubai Travel Files : the Desert Safari 

Few experiences one cannot afford to be skipped. For me, the feeling of being tourist is very important and this touristic activity makes you feel so nice and chillaxed. We were picked up at evening ‘4’ to leave for deserts. After seeing Indian desert in ‘Jaisalmer’, I was much excited to see much bigger sand dunes of Dubai. ‘WOW’... what an experience it was... desert and only deserts was what could be seen till my eyes could (Though summers must be catastrophic).

Indian Travel Blog / The Desert Safari in Land Cruiser

But Then began the real fun... we were shifted to another car (a Land Cruiser) for a 45 minutes crazy drive in deserts. I could not resist screaming even for a minute during this drive.... Up­down, left­right, zig­zag, back forth... possibly any kind of motion was left.

Indian Travel Blog / My Dubai Travel Files : the Desert Safari 

But whatever, the drive was totally a rollercoaster experience. After it, we were taken to a camp, somewhere in the mid of the desert for rest of the evening. This camp was full of even more touristic stuffs. For eg­ photo with Falcon, Arabian dresses for men &women, sheisha (hukka), desert ­art and above all Arabian and Belly dance.  For deserts, I appreciated later my decision of wearing boots. I clubbed it with a trendy netted top and a silver accessory.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / My Dubai Travel Files : the Desert Safari 

Rest, check out the clicks and pen down your thoughts in comments..... will be back soon with some more memories of Dubai.

Till then, adios …. 

Indian Travel Blog / Loved the bird on me... 

Indian Travel Blog / 'Us', enjoying Dubai ka bhutta 

Indian Travel Blog / tourists for camel rides

Indian Travel Blog / Our 'Welfie' ;-)

Indian Travel Blog / The camp with entertainment


You indeed seemed to have had a wonderful time Tripti. And you and Yogesh look so nice together ;-) The photos make me want to go for a vacation to Dubai too… waiting for your other travel posts now… 

Have you been to Dubai for a vacation ?
Which is your favourite place for just unwind yourself ?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Ohhh wow !!! Thats awesome.....i really wanna visit Dubai now...after seeing just one post.Please upload other post fast....Cant wait to see....:)

  2. Radha Krishnakumar4 February 2015 at 16:57

    Awesome location to visit... Nice clicks, thanks for sharing it with us :D

  3. Lovely pics..we went in dec 2014 n njoyed a is indeed very beautiful. ..
    Would love to visit again specially to stay in Atlantis the palm hotel. ....
    Loved ur clicks n lovely post ..

  4. Hey Tejinder, that means we were almost at the same time in Dubai.... great..

  5. Thanx Radha... there is still lot to come

  6. Thanx Shweta.... will do it ASAP...


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