The Versatile Blogger Award and My nominations :- )

Hi My lovelies and my sweeties,

How have you all been? Well, winter seems to be coming back on a rewind mode every now and then. After every sunny days, the fog just comes back with a bang. But theek hai…. 
We all need some winters to understand the value of summers and vice versa ;-)

I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by a very sweet blogger, Dhanshree Soni of Makeup and Beauty More  She is a new blogger but trust me, is an absolute sweetheart and I really want to thank her for nominating me for the award.

Rules for the award

-          Show the award on your blog.

-          Thank the person who nominated you.

-          Share seven facts about yourself.

-          Nominate 15 blogs.

-          Link your nominee’s blogs and let them know.

Well, first thing done… And second… Dhanshree, thanks a million tones to you from the bottom most corner of my heart. You would always be special for me and hope we meet in person some day.
Now I have to share seven facts about myself…. Hmm, thinking…..

Should it be serious facts, fun facts or just some quirky facts about myself….??? Well, after going inky pinky miny mo, here I go… bad rhyme …

7 crazy quirky facts about myself… :

1.   I have a photographic memory. Which means I can remember everything I see once, I hear once, I read once. I have never ever made those notes or filled notebooks in my entire school life or even journalistic career.

2.   I can recognize vehicles without even seeing their number plates. YES! Make 20 vehicles of the same make and same type, same colour stand in a line and if I have ever seen your vehicle even once, I will recognize it even without seeing its license plate.

3.   I see people’s photographs more than thrice and I can make out how they may sound, as in the tone and style of their voice. Eerieee … but true. And it has happened correct with me atleast 90 per cent of the times… I mostly falter in case of boy looking men ;-)

4.   I am a solo romantic. By solo romantic, I mean I can feel the romance in the air even when I am alone. Often when I used to travel alone, I would just smell romanticism in the air and enjoy the moment by just sitting in silence and smelling a cup of coffee, sipping it slowly. 

5.   I am an ambidextrous. This means I can work with both my hands. Apart from almost every other thing, I can also sign with both my hands. 

6.   I love tea as much as I love coffee. And I am always open to experimenting with the flavour of both. So on a day I may end up liking stark black coffee, and frappe on the other. 

7.   My ultimate way of a romantic proposal would be the man standing with some wild flowers in his hands which he would have plucked himself, and singing John Mathis' version of 'Because you loved me...' And no, he doesn't have to be the best singer around. Lip sync would do ;-)

And now, I want to nominate 15 awesome bloggers for this award.
-          Richa Saxena from Corals with blues   
-          Jhilmil D Saha from Beauty & Beyond
-          Lancy CV from Makeup and Beauty Home
-          Shalini Srivastava from Be Beautilicious
-          Nilu Yuleen Thapa from Big Hair Loud Mouth 
-          Abhilasha Mehta from looking good feeling fab
-          Anamika from Wise She 
-          Shayoni from Sweet and bitter blog  
-          Dolon from Pout Prettty
-          Arzoo from Beauty and makeup love 
-          Niesha from Indian beauty forever
-          Esha from Wellness and Vanity 
-          Radha from Indian Beauty Zone 
-          Laks from the knotstory  
-          Kiran from Beautiful hamesha blog  

Hope you guys loved reading some quirky facts about me. Am waiting to read some facts about those I nominated too.... :-) 


  1. Thanks Tarry for the award :). Wish I had your memory! Will put up my post soon

  2. Thanks a lot dearie. <3 That is indeed a talent that you can know about the tone and style by looking at the photographs. hehe. btw I sound like a kid, well this is what most of the people say. :) You're really blessed hun.

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me. I enjoyed reading the facts about you. You are truly talented and beautiful at heart. Stay blessed :-)

  4. Eagerly waiting for your post Dolon.... And this memory is always not a blessing... Still...

  5. He he he! I always guessed this Niesha that you have a very childlike innocent voice... it may or may not be a talent, but quirky it is :-) Waiting for your post now...

  6. Thanks Jhilmil.... You are wonderful too... Waiting for your post super eagerly.

  7. Awww Thank you so much for your kind and sweet words. It really overwhelmed me! :* yes, would like to meet you too sweetheart. :) And yeah one thing I wanna say, you have linked out some other or non existing blog by mistake! Mine is here at..
    Makeup Beauy and more

  8. Nice to know more about you Tarry & congratulations on ur award.. no 1. is so me n i love tea as well :)

  9. Loved to know more about you Tarry :) Thanks for the nomination :D

  10. Hey! u had been nominated too sweetie... waiting for your post now,,,

  11. thanks SHalini... a beauty and foodie ... you are my true versatile blogger and deserve every bit of this award. Waiting fr ur post now

  12. Its fine dear :)


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