Jafra Inkwell eyeliner in Coffee can be a good pick for that everyday natural look

By Tarry

Hi my sweeties

Am really happy today. The blog’s winter fashion giveaway came to a wonderful end and I had such amazing entries. Really, each one of you who participated made the blog feel so special. Also, we have crossed 350 likes on FB and 500 plus on instagram, which calls for another celebration. Am just confused whether it should be an insta only giveaway or perhaps an FB only? Do tell me in the comments. 

Oh btw, did I ever tell you guys how fond I am of coloured eye liners? And matte brown and matte blue are two absolute favourites with me. Somehow, I feel that they add some depth to the eyes without being over the top. So you would always find atleast one brown and one blue eyeliner in my kitty.

Recently, I was gifted a brown liquid eyeliner and despite the flaws which it has, I am loving the colour and the formula. It is just the perfect brown matte eyeliner for everyday use, which gives a nice natural look and doesn’t scream for loads of attention.

So here I am, presenting to you, 
The Jafra Inkwell Eyeliner in Coffee

Indian Beauty Blog / Jafra Inkwell eyeliner in Coffee can be a good pick for that everyday natural look

What the brand claims
Precise, dramatic, easy. Allows for excellent control, dramatic looks. Quick drying. Check more here

Indian Makeup Blog / Jafra Inkwell eyeliner in Coffee for that everyday natural look

$ 11.50 (approx INR 700). Not sure about the Indian price, but would update

Only through the Jafra direct representatives

Indian Lifestyle Blog Jafra Inkwell eyeliner in Coffee review 

On the Outside
The Jafra Inkwell eyeliner Coffee is housed in a nice white opaque plastic conical bottle. The bottle looks a lot like the Lotus and Maybelline eye liner bottles. The bottle is housed in a paper hard case that gives all details about the product, sans the ingredients. The bottle has silver lettering and the bottom gives details about the shade etc. However, it is not a very sturdy bottle and I saw a small crack when I dropped it accidentally. So can’t say whether it is travel friendly or not. However, inside, the applicator is a firm felt tip, which is wonderful and helps in thick or thin application. It is easy to hold as well.

Indian Blog Matte Brown eyeliner review 

On the Inside
A true matte coffee brown eyeliner. A colour that would suit almost all skin tones except dark maybe. Very rare does one actually find a true matte coffee brown eyeliner. It would either have a bronze tinge to it or it would be shimmery. But this one is perfect matte. No shimmer, no gloss. The formula is not runny but ok ok, like other liquid liners. However, with the brush it applies well with optimum pigmentation in just one stroke. However, if you want really intense colour you may want to apply a second stroke. The brush is decent and doesn’t tug or pull at all. Overall, I find it to be a decent colour for everyday natural look. However, it is not waterproof but yes, water resistant to a large extent. However, it stays for a decent 5 to 6 hours on my oily lids.

Indian Blog Everyday use liquid Matte Brown eyeliner review

Thumbs up for
-          Nice shade for natural look.
-          Pure matte coffee colour.
-          Good brush for neat thick or thin applications.
-          Good pigmentation
-          A good wear time of 5 to 6 hours.
-          Does not cause any allergy or sensations.

Indian Blog Matte Brown eyeliner swatch and true colour

Thumbs down for
-          The packaging looks classy, but is not too sturdy
-          For the quantity, it is expensive indeed.
-          Not water proof.
-          Ingredients not mentioned.

PEL Rating 
3.8 out of 5 (The cons are worth taking in point)

The Jafra Inkwell eyeliner in Coffee is a pure brown matte eyeliner that has a decent formula and can be a good pick for those natural everyday looks. However, at its price, it certainly leaves a lot to be desired. 

Have you tried the Jafra Inkwell eyeliners ?
Which is your favourite brown eyeliner ?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. I never heard of this brand…. it looks really well pigmented :D

  2. I love brown eye liners... this one looks really nice! Jafra is nt very popular in Mumbai yet !!


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