OOTD ‘Welcoming Winters in a Foreign Land’

By Tripti,
Hiii friends,
Apologies for the short disappearance.
Hope the winter out there is chilling you more, after the last intolerable summers J

But here in Germany, the winters are not just chilling, but freezing. With the arrival of winters, the wardrobe automatically dominates with the standard shades like grey, black, brown.... 
Whatever I wear inside is always over­shadowed by jackets.
I just love black more, especially when it is teamed up with other contrasting colors. So, presenting you another OOTD of mine in combination with my other loved colors, 

Welcoming Winters in a Foreign Land’

Indian Fashion Blog OOTD ‘Welcoming Winters in a Foreign Land’

I love street shopping and mix-and-match... so, this way it’s one of my favorite OOTD where I am showcasing, well, my skills of street shopping and mixing & matching. Though I planned this OOTD for autumns, but I could not post it earlier. But I soon realized that these these colorful and printed leggings are awesome for the beginning of winters too, and hence, I paired them here.

Indian Winter Fashion OOTD ‘Welcoming Winters in a Foreign Land’

Mostly, we see printed and colored tops teamed up with master shade bottoms... But I made it the other way around. A try to printed & colorful leggings with black upper came out well, when Yogesh took a few clicks of mine ;-)

Indian Lifestyle Blog OOTD ‘Welcoming Winters in a Foreign Land’

This pattern was in trend in summers too, and seems to last till this winter. These leggings are soft and quite warm. You could wear it with a torso length vest or top... you can club it with jacket or shrug, according to the level of cold and your comfort levels as well.

Styling prints for winters OOTD 

My top, leggings, muffler and purse are the things I grabbed either from Sale or in the really cheap cloth shops. My boots are from S.Oliver... and they are the only expensive thing in the outfit but they keep my feet really warm and I love them. My jacket is from a sports brand ‘Quechua’. We and many of our friends are blind followers of this sports brand, as it lives perfectly to the Tag line of ‘sasta, tikau aur mazboot’ J

Winter Fashion OOTD

The winters are getting harder here but the special Christmas warm drinks are also around to combat. So, enjoy your winters and get ready to listen to the Christmas saga directly from Mainz, Germany.
Stay Warm till we meet next….
Outfit details :
Top, Printed leggings, muffler and hand bag – Different street stores.
Jacket : Quechua check here
Boots : S Oliver check here

Happy Winters to you too Trips…. I toh fell sick on the onset of winters but am much better now. And your pix made me feel even more pleasant. The locations and the outfit are simply superb. I am looking forward to loads of awesome winter OOTDs and those special Christmas posts from you J ….

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How did you like this post on PEL?
What's your piece of clothing that you love to style in winters... ? 

Do share you views and 
please leave in comments because it really encourages us and makes us superhappy :-D 
Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Loved the post and the ootd. I liked those pretty printed leggings. :)

  2. Brilliantly styled. And I totally agree with you about Quechua. I too am a blind follower. Was the jacket warm enough? I am thinking of picking it up :)

  3. Thanks a ton Niesha..

  4. Ya,Soujanya.... it's very warm.. these days not only it is shielding me from wind and cold but also from snow... you can spend on it with eyes closed..

  5. You look really adorable dear! I loved the printed leggings & you have styled it so brilliantly :)

  6. Thanks dear... will come up soon with other combinations too..


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