'Fashionably Hot in Winters' Giveaway in association with #BKind

Hi All, 

Sorry for being MIA all this week. I had a terrible cold, followed by fever and was totally off tracks. So the blog also was in a silent mode... 
But as promised, here we are ... back with a bang. 

Its been a long time since we did a giveaway on the blog to thank our wonderful readers and friends... And what could be a better opportunity than having a giveaway that promises you to look fashionably Hot in winters? 

We have had a wonderful time styling stuff from B.Kind apparels and hence we decided to let some of our readers to get a chance to enjoy their creations. So we collaborated with the amazing brand B.Kind and here it is .... 

The 'Fashionably Hot in Winters' Giveaway in association with #BKind

We have had a wonderful time styling some outfits by BKind and are in absolute love with their Fall Winter '14 collection. Remember these posts? 

The Let Me Fall In Love With Fall : 

You can check the complete post here  Let Me Fall in Love With Fall

And also, the Let Things Be let Yourself Be... 

You can check the complete post here Let Things Be Let Yourself Be

Now here are the rules.
 You need to fill the rafflecopter widget that you see on the home page of the blog. The Giveaway is open to all Indian Nationals from December 5, 2014 to the New Year January 15, 2014.
Winner will be declared on January 20, 2014. 
There would be two winners. 

Rules : 
1. Subscribe to the blog. You can do it through the subscription tab on the home page. 
2. Like Panchtatva blog on Facebook
3. Like BKind apparels on Facebook
4. Follow Panchtatva Blog on Twitter and also, tweet about the giveaway. You can keep tweeting till the giveaway is on. More tweets, more chances. 
5. Share about the giveaway on facebook by tagging 5 friends. 
6. Leave a blogpost comment here, giving your name, email id through which subscribed, fb name, twitter handle and comment what did you like the most in the two BKind styling posts we did. You ofcourse would have to view those posts. Links are mentioned above. :-) 

Additional points: 
You can score some additional points as well. 
If you are on Instagram, follow us on instagram, repost the giveaway using hashtags #just_tarry #panchtatvablog #giveaway #bkind and tag 5 friends. You can get bonus points for this. DO mention your Insta id in comments too. 

That's it.... 
We have got awesome responses before too, and trust me guys, the prizes are so amazing that I wanted to keep one for myself ;-) 

Anyways, enjoy the giveaway and since there is no number of entries, keep participating everyday. The more you share, the more chances you have of winning... 


  1. Sounds intriguing. Would love to have one <3 :*

  2. Spread the word on all social medias! :)

  3. Cool giveaway!!! :D

  4. Subscribed Mail ID: poojadalu@gmail.com
    Fb: Bhavani Sekar
    Twitter: @Poojadalu

    what i liked the most in the two BKind styling posts is awesome poses u both has mode between the clicks are so lovely & fresh

  5. instagram followed as: @bhavanisekar

  6. subscribed Mail ID: garimagulynai94@yahoo.in
    Fb: Ruhi Ruhi
    share link- https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=401906583297435&id=100004342905304&pnref=story
    Twitter: @GarimaGulyani
    what i liked the most in the two BKind styling posts is the lovely accessories and the outfits as well.

  7. Natasha Bhatt
    Email id: natashaa.bhatt@gmail.com
    FB Name: Natasha Bhatt
    Twitter: @natashabhatt

    Instagram: @natashanatss
    What I liked the most in the BKind Stylish post is that the outfits were comfortable and fuss free.. I got a sense of freedom from what was presented in both the posts... after all freedom is wearing something comfortable in my opinion...

  8. First of all, I like those two dresses. Let me fall in love with ‘FALL’ is my favorite dress. This dress looks so trendy. Quality of the cloth seems to be fantastic. I just loved your reviews. Through your reviews, I got to know about Bkind. I have an eye on Bkind now for shopping.
    Name: Divya Asha
    Email id through which subscribed: fb_asha@yahoo.com
    fb name: Divya Asha
    twitter handle: @DivyaAsha

  9. Name-Shweta Murarka

    email- agarwalshweta62@gmail.com

    Fb name- Shweta Murarka
    Fb repost link- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=949437825068581&id=100000071165797&ref=bookmark

    twitter handle- tweetershweta

    instagram- sweetu_shweta

    The thing which i liked the most about Bkind styling is how effortlessly you have styled the blue top and floral zipper jumper.It looks so cool and comfy.Its like an everyday clothing and not Over the top ones.This is my kind of clothing and i will surely check out Bkind.Thanku for letting all of us know about Bkind.Also i liked the Maal gaadi ear cuff....and photographs by Sarah are superrrrrrrrbbbb....Loved it....:)

  10. Hey!
    My name is
    Mansi Kakkar
    E-mail- mansikakkar2706@gmail.com
    FB Name-
    Mansi Kakkar
    My Insta Id-

    The thing I
    liked in the both BKind styling posts is the confidence you both were carrying
    with the lovely attires.Thanks for organizing this lovely giveaway. J

  11. Heyy,
    Name- Nikita Jain
    Email - nikijain135@gmail.com
    Fb I'd - Nikeeta Jain
    Twitter handle - @zilldimpi_
    Instagram handle - @zilldimpi_
    The thing I loved abt both the posts are the outwear you styling it's amazing for winter and the navy blue top looks so comfy and trendy at the same time and the floral zipper jumper is so unique and elegant I so loved them would really love to win with you *fingers crossed * ❤👌💚💋 wish to be in lucky two! ✌ 😍

  12. And hope you are fine now takcare lady! 😘


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