A mist to make your skin morning fresh i.e Nature's essence Morning mist

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Aaah! Long time eh! well I really feel so low at the moment that blogging seems to have taken a back seat. Also, winters and no-sun days are here so taking photos is also taking a toll. Anyways, there would be a bombardment soon... so stay tuned. 

I have always been a toner girl. Since I have oily skin, I may skip my moisturiser sometimes, but a toner is always a must. While I love the spray types, those which can make my skin alive and make me feel fresh with just a splash also make me happy. And recently, after a threading session, my parlour wali bhabhi ji handed me over this toner, called Morning Mist, from Nature's Essence. Now it does not cost a bomb nor does it claim to have super fancy ingredients, but somehow, it does work. 

So here it is ladies, the nice and soothing 

Nature's Essence Morning Mist Skin Refresher

Indian Makeup Blog Nature's essence Morning mist

What the product claims 
Enriched with essential oils, this toner is exceptionally effective in detoxifying and cleansing the skin. It is also capable of removing makeup and residue. It will help you attain a radiant glow for your skin. Contains Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils. 

INR 70 (super super inexpensive) for 125 ml

Many online sites and every shop that sells Nature's essence stuff. 

Indian Beauty Blog Nature's essence Morning mist review

On the Outside 
Nature's Essence products are packed in decent, not fancy or classy looking, plastic packaging. The Morning Mist Skin Refresher is a green toner in colour, housed in a translucent white bottle. All the details including price are mentioned on the bottle itself. It has a white opaque screwable cap, which makes the bottle travel friendly. On opening, there is a small hole in the second push cap, which prevents excess product from coming out. Functional packaging. 

Nature's essence Morning mist is a good toner for refreshing skin

On the Inside 
My primary aim from a toner is to remove the residue after cleansing and also, refresh my skin. And this toner performs well in both department. I feel my skin to be squeeky clean and refreshed, not drenched off moisture. I like it, if not say love it. After tweezing or hair removal, this acts great in closing the pores and leaving the face very refreshed. I like splashing it on my face after cleaning as well use it on a cotton. Works well both ways. 

Nature's essence Morning mist review and swatch

Thumbs up for 
- Functional, travel friendly packaging.
-  Easily available.
- Not expensive at all.
-  Does refresh skin after cleaning and closes pores after hair removal. 
- Contains rosemary and peppermint essential oils
- doesn't break out and suits oily, combination and normal skin
- Has a cooling effect on the skin. 
Thumbs down for
- Complete list of ingredients not given. 
- Does not remove makeup, only removes residue. 

4.88 out of 5

Nature's Essence Morning Mist Skin refresher is indeed a decent toner, that freshens the skin, removes cleaner residue and closes pores after hair removal. For its price, its a decent budget toner which doesn't claim miracles but is functional indeed and does a decent job. 

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Have you tried the Nature's Essence products ?
Which is your favourite toner ?

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  1. I am not using any toner at the moment.. bt i love dr. batra's toner.. u must try it.. nice review dear

  2. Looks like a great toner..I have never used anyting from Nature's Essence but it looks great! Lovely Review dear :)


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