W2 Why Wait Cranberry Scrub to make your skin fruity smooth in winters

By Tarry

Yooo Hooo... Happy November people! …

Ok Ok! you all would say that November is already two days gone... theek hai na baba.. Better late than never. 
Oh I am just falling in love with this weather. Suddenly, when I am driving to work everyday, I can see misty atmosphere, telling me that winters are coming. GOD! I am going so crazy. 

I have started stuffing my winter skin and hair care essentials and have been shopping some good, some awesome and some not so good stuff. Ultimately, I do found some of my HG products which I may be using a lot these winters. And in went my favourite St Ives scrub for summers. 

I was in search of a good scrub that could take care of my skin in winters and still not make it too dry. So while shopping from Jabong recently, I came across this relatively new scrub from a brand called W2. The fact that it contains cranberry and was perfect for normal to oily skin made me opt for it. Have used it for over five times and I think now I can talk more about it.... 

So here it is my lovely ladies, 
the W2 Why Wait Cranberry Scrub 

Indian Lifestyle Blog review W2 Why Wait Cranberry Scrub 

Rs 175 for 50 gms
(Decent enough quantity indeed... quite on a budget) 
Availability : 
Online on Healthkart.com and Jabong.com

Indian Makeup Blog review W2 Why Wait Cranberry Scrub
What the brand claims : 

W2 Why Wait presents Cranberry scrub which will help you get smooth clear skin. Exfoliating dead cells, this scrub for women will balance the oil levels of your skin. Effective and non-allergic, this scrub will leave your skin smooth as silk. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, B3 and B5. Cranberry enzymes exfoliate dead skin, unclogging the sebaceous glands and preventing formation of sebum. Best protection against harsh winter conditions.  

Indian Beauty Blog review W2 Why Wait Cranberry Scrub

On the outside :

Ok. Good basic claims eh! The scrub comes in a dark brown opaque tube with a flip open cap. It is housed inside a hard paper box that has all the details of the product including ingredients, price etc. The tube too is quite sturdy and the flip open cap shuts well, so this is travel friendly indeed. The tube is an easy squeeze one, so not difficult to take the thick product out. 

Winter skin care essentials review W2 Why Wait Cranberry Scrub
On the Inside :

The scrub is beigish in colour, very thick consistency with a little gritty feeling. It does not feel creamy at all to touch and seems like a decent scrub sans very harsh granules. I was a little skeptical whether it would work or not. However, it does a decent job in scrubbing away the dead cells. The skin looks much cleaner and has a subtle glow as well. It removes oil but does not leave the skin too dry. For those who have dry skin, you may want to follow it up with a moisturiser but this doesn't dry out you skin really bad. The cranberry makes it smell so amazingly tempting :-) 

Indian Lifestyle Blog review W2 Why Wait Cranberry Scrub
Thumbs Up for :

- Not very expensive. 
- Does a decent job of scrubbing the dead skin.
- Does not have very harsh granules, so fine for those with combination skin too. 
- Awesome fruity fragrance. 
- Travel friendly packaging 
- Does not leave the skin too dry, but removes too much oil.  
- Good for all kinds of skin, oily and normal ones would love it. 

Skin care for winters review W2 Why Wait Cranberry Scrub
Thumbs Down for : 
- Availability. 
- Those with too dry skin will not like it as it can dry their skin more.  

PEL Rating : 
4.8 out of 5 

Well, for those oily and normal skin beauties who are looking for a decent face scrub for winters, this is definitely a decent buy. However, limited availability may become a con for many people. Still, give it a try this winters. 

How do you like this review?
Which is your favourite face scrub for winters? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. It sounds very nice going by ur review.. i love skin care with fruit in it.. i wish it was easily available.. nice review :)

  2. thanks Nats! Yeah this is a decent one for winters atleast... Do check out jabong or healthkart and u may find it there... Please do try na sweetie...

  3. This sounds amazing Tarry! I had love to try this out in the winters...Beautifully reviewed :)


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