Travel files Europe : Just 'paint the world in Red’ at La Tomatina

By Tripti

Hello my dear friends,

Hope you all had brilliant Diwali last week and our posts might have helped you in looking even more special. Winter is on our doorsteps and before I come up with some winter special stuff, allow me to share one of my favorite experiences of this year. I lllooovvvee red color… and ‘Red’ always rocks. And this time it made me go crazy and I went on to paint the world with red… 

in La Tomatina J

 Indian Travel Blog / Just 'paint the world in Red’ at La Tomatina / Entry Bands 

I am back with another Spanish saga…. Imagine, a narrow long street jam-packed with 20 or 25 thousand people and tons of tomatoes… Ahhhha, incredible or jut recall the song ‘Paint it red’ from the famous movie ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’. Though, one does not get so much free space to dance around like Hritik or Katrina … ;-)

 Indian Lifestyle Blog / Just 'paint the world in Red’ at La Tomatina / Us before the red plunge 

I was already expecting a big bunch of Indians ( Bollywood impact) but was startled to see so many people from all corners of world – Japan, America, China, India and of course Europe. Maybe I was mistaken to imagine its popularity worldwide.

 Indian Beauty Blog / Just 'paint the world in Red’ at La Tomatina / The jampacked lanes

August is the month of festivals and party in Spanish calendar. Unlike India, villages and towns have their own festivals and their way of celebration. Every last Wednesday of August Buñol is your one stop to Tomatina. We reached Buñol,around 8.30 in the morning, dressed up in white T-shirt and pool goggles for eyes. The chaos of thousands of people and many Indian faces around made me feel at home and we walked inside the village in the main street. This festival is kicked off with a very ‘Govinda Ala Re’ type ritual…. The task is to climb up on a greasy pole and to take off the peace of meat on the top and this ritual is strictly performed by the Buñol natives. Till the completion of this challenge, a perfect body squeezing massage and loud cheers of typical Spanish song ‘ole,ole’ can be availed.

 Indian Travel Blog / Just 'paint the world in Red’ at La Tomatina / Us with our friend

The completion of this task allows the big tomato trucks to enter in the street and scramble with tomatoes. With the entry of first truck we got bombarded with plenty trampled tomatoes and then, started the tomato fight with the people around. I pondered all the time ‘bura na mano, holi hai’ in my mind and kept hitting people with crushed tomatoes. There are two or three unloading zones too in the street, where they tilt down the truck and we could see a mini pool of tomatoes and its puree…. J 

 Travel to Spain / Just 'paint the world in Red’ at La Tomatina / First round done :-) 

 Four big tomato trucks passed by the street. Our white t-shirt turned reddish with tomato squash and we were fully drained by the end of the event. Outside the street it was a mini ‘Mela’ but I was enough exhausted to see anything. So, we left and brought a bag of fun memories with us and now anything ‘Red’ always unveils that bag of memories.

Travel files Spain / Just 'paint the world in Red’ at La Tomatina / Finally, we are red :-) 

And yes all photographs are taken with a waterproof camera available in market for this special purpose. My husband is still a fantastic photographer… ;-)

I love the last line Tripti.... yes oh possessive wife, you husband is a wonderful photographer :-) These photographs are such fun and you smile says it all... However, I am totally against the idea of Indians holding such festivals here in India. We already have Holi, which is quite colourful itself. We already don't have enough tomatoes to eat in India, so why to waste? Anyways, as always this was a wonderful post and we loved it... :-) 

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  1. This is one of a kind experience.. dunno if i wud want to go bt sounds like fun with so many tomatoes around you :D

  2. it was real fun....... and the experience is quite memorable.

  3. I loved the clicks Tripti :) I wish I could pack my bags and go on a holiday, Europe happens to be on top of my to visit list. :)

  4. undoubtedly, it deserves to be.. till then i will keep telling you here must visit places and events..


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