Some glimpses from an Italian kitchen

By Tripti

Hello my lovely friends…

I am back and this time with some glimpses, directly from an Italian kitchen. Since I promised I will bring you all the enthralling stuff I find here, presenting you a different  yet delicious and healthy snack recipe right here, right now… ;-)
My heartiest thanks to Maria, one of my Italian friends, for enhancing my cooking skills. Perhaps, you will too find the same reason to thank her by the end of this post. So friends, here it is …

 the awesome Vegetarian Salty Muffins, step by step J

Indian Food Blog / Some glimpses from an Italian kitchen

By the way how you will feel if somebody brings you a salty ‘Rasgulla’. Exactly, the same was my reaction, when I heard of vegetable Muffins. Those sweet, spongy, chocolaty and different flavored muffins could be salty and with vegetables too brought me here for another chit-chat.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Some glimpses from an Italian kitchen
Muffins are something, which could be best explained as an ‘Oxymoron’ to me. It’s a soft & sweet pleasure to tongue and the worry of loads of calories too. So, this idea made my situation easy and I booked a small tour to Maria’s kitchen. The recipe is extremely simple, you have everything available at home, what’s less is your attention and motivation.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Ingredients for the Vegetarian Salty muffins
The ingredients are even simpler than a normal Indian curry. Simple ingredients like all purpose flour (used for cakes too)-240 gm, eggs-2, sunflower oil-5 big tea spoons, salt, milk-200 ml, baking powder- 1 big teaspoon or 15 gm,black pepper, chilly, oregano (if available), cheese ( if available) and vegetables as used in noodles like cabbage, carrot, capsicum, onion, green-peas and also  olives, cucumber and tomatoes. Ingredients are quite flexible.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Step by Step for veg muffins

You could always be innovative and therefore I would like to sauté vegetables with little spices instead of putting them fresh. You just have to mix and blend them properly. 

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Ready to be baked veg muffins

This is the trickiest part; don’t rush while blending it as it’s can’t be skipped to get fluffy muffins. Pre heat your oven a bit and then put the batter in muffin liners and bake them at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Allow them to stay a bit later in oven and next… call your friends, family, and kids to have a perfect chai-time.

Indian Food Blog / Some glimpses from an Italian kitchen

Earlier, to dress up for college & work used to put me in dilemma and now cooking has replaced it. Yogesh loved it and I am happy that I can even store it for some days… so; I have kinda solved my dilemma of a perfect & healthy snack and perhaps you too. and yes out of all what I loved the most, was Maria’s daughter Julia, who made all possible efforts to make this recipe taste and look good (in the post).

WOW! I just loved this post Tripti.... And while posting these pics, I became so damn hungry.... ;-) These veggie muffins look so delectable. Now who thought muffins could be salty and spicy too? I am surely gonna try out this recipe and make some innovations like you suggested.... Loved Loved Loved the post.... 

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  1. I love food posts :) i am sure you had a great time


  2. Looks yum n thnx for sharing the receipe..
    Lovely post

  3. truly.. i enjoyed both making and eating..

  4. Thank you so much.. please do try and let me know how it turned out.

  5. Those muffins look so yumm... i love savoury ones.. more than the sweet ones.. thanks fr sharing the recipe :)


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