One month of MABH Blogger Challenge : My journey to voluminous hair

By Tarry

Hello my beauties and lovelies! …

It was such a crazy week last week... Two holidays and a weekend was nothing great. Shoots, backlogs, meeting significant people... phew... really busy. But I enjoyed it to the core as I ended up doing one of the best shoots for the blog so far.

Yes, those who are connected on Instagram have already seen a glimpse of it :-) 

Anyways, if you guys remember I had taken the 

MABH Hair Growth Blogger Challenge, 

given by the wonderful Lancy of MABH. 
You can read about my challenge here ...and about the wonderful MABH Oil here ...

Now that a month is over, I can safely review my first month progress with you all and also, my impressions of the oil. And girls, I must say that it has done one miracle which so far no other oil, trust me even those which cost me a whopping Rs 2000, has done. Read on 

Indian Beauty Blog One month of MABH Blogger Challenge 

Firstly, let me discuss my current hair care routine and what changes I made over the last one month. Well, I oil my hair for one and half or two hours twice a week, and only on the roots i.e. the scalp and the tips of my hair... Can't go overboard as I have sinusitis :-P I wash them with Loreal Total Repair 5 shampoo (my current happy shampoo) and then, condition with the same conditioner. Once a week, I apply a hair pack of fenugreek and curd / honey and curd / aloe vera and curd / amla powder and curd ... for extra nourishment. On that day, I use a MATRIX hydra mask for deep conditioning. 

Indian Blog One month of MABH Blogger Challenge

Now, the changes I made in hair care physically : 

I have added Apple cider vinegar to my hair care routine. Yes, ACV.... the faithful one. Now, once in every 7 days, when I wash the shampoo off my hair, I apply 2 cap full of acv in normal tepid water as a concoction on my scalp and hair. Keep it for two to three minutes, then just wash with two mug fulls of water, and then, apply conditioner only on the ends of my hair which tends to get too dry.

I eat egg thrice a week, dal twice a week and curd almost everyday. They are supposed to do wonders for your hair. Also, I drink a spoonful of amla juice in a glass of warm water every morning since the last two years. Has really helped my hair fall in a big way. Haven't really done much changes in my diet though since winters are here, I may end up eating more green veggies... :-) 

And see the results.... 

This is a pic from a photo shoot coming up this week for a brand collab. And for the first time, you can see my hair open for a shoot. Something I have not been too confident in recent times :-) 

Indian Lifestyle Blog One month of MABH Blogger Challenge : My journey to voluminous hair 

See! Lovely na .... 
Look at the bounce... :-) And the volume... and these waves are natural...
 I have just washed them usually... 

Earlier, whenever my hair got a little longer than shoulder length (my preferred one), they used to go limp. The crown area went completely flat with no volume at all, which is one of the major reasons I never grew my hair long and always had them cut in layers. But a month of using MABH and this is what I got :-) 

- Bouncier, more voluminous hair. 
- Lots of shine. 
- Frizz reduction by 60 per cent. 
- Dryness reduced by 70 per cent.  
- The beginning of flakiness... gone for good. 
- Length... increased from a usual one inch a month to about 1.6 inch this month. Good start... :-)
- Softness.... hmmmm atleast 90 per cent increase (i can't stop touching them if they are open...) 
- Thickness.... some 60 per cent.... I love my braids a little more now. 

I am super excited for month two and will surely keep you all updated on the same.... Do check out the MABH site and orders yours asap... You will not regret it.... 

How did you find this post on PEL ?
Would you love to try the MABH oil too ?
What are your recipes for awesome hair? 

Do share you views in comments box,
 because they really encourages us make us superhappy :-D 
Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Whatever i try never works for my scanty hair coz part of it also depends if my thyroid level is in check.. Amla juice is what i used to hv,, need to start again.. ur hair looks thick and luscious and gr8 job wid da pics :)

  2. You have such a rigorous routine ! Love your hair and I think you should keep them this way :D

  3. Thanks Nats... yeah Amla juice is a big help in thyroid too.... u shud start it off again...

  4. Your comments really make my day Shalini... the routine looks rigorous but it really isn't :-) Thanks sweets... I am trying to resist getting a shorter cut fr smtime atleast... although I love short hair

  5. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters16 November 2014 at 13:35

    Hey tarryy.. love the way you hair looks so bouncy and full of life .. <3 <3 .!!


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