Go all 'Uggs' this winters

By Aakriti

Hi Girls, 

I welcome you all to the beginning of winter season, not a personal favourite season in a big way, but surely calls for a change and break in one's regular wardrobe.

Being skinny maybe, but I feel the chill up to my bones. Only when I cover my feet warm is that time when I can bear the cold. 
So, my today's post is all about Winter Boots, specially Uggs :-) 

Indian Fashion blog Go all 'Uggs' this winters 

The design started by the brand "UGGS- Australia" has become the most common and popular among the boot styles and they are my personal favourite too. Not only the fur covering inside keeps your feet really warm, but also gels well with almost all your winter wardobe and gives you a high five on the fashion quotient. 

Indian Fashion blog Go all 'Uggs' this winters 

Shoes being my fettish, it has led me to a point where i happen to have collected almost all neutral coloured ugg type boots for myself, gearing for the winters. Also, I add another pair of short length boots with fringe, as fringed items are the "GO-GET-THEM" style for winters and truly make you look your 'fashionably best'. 

Indian Fashion blog Go all 'Uggs' this winters 

Indian Fashion blog Go all 'Uggs' this winters 

I have boots from Marcs & Spencers , Adidas Original, Carlton London, Thailand street markets, as well as those from Local shoe shops. You will have no hustle hunting these in the market whatsoever. They are easily available and range up from INR 1100 to INR 8000. Personal recommendation would be to try M&S , since their uggs are a real deal specially during sales @ INR 1500 only.

Indian Fashion blog Go all 'Uggs' this winters 

Boot Care tip - Take a shoe polish brush, dust the sand over from them every time you take them of and wrap in butter paper, then place in a shoe box. This prevents them from catching fungus or getting damp, as the paper absorbs extra dew.
So go grab your pair of comfy boots. :)

Oh here is a pic of me and by bestie enjoying the winter sun in our favourite pairs of warm boots :-)  

Indian Fashion blog Go all 'Uggs' this winters 

What a collection of boots Aakriti.... Really so fashionably best... I too got a pair last winters in my favourite colour, Red and they are my best footwear for winters indeed... This was a wonderful post for winters definitely. Loved the pic of you with your bestie too....

How did you like this post on PEL?
What's your favourite footwear to keep you warm?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D 
Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. As much as I love boots.. its not really appropriate fr a common person to wear them in Mumbai.. actually it never gets too cold here as well.. I like hw they look on you though!!!

  2. I love these boots but i have ..I will get a pair soon though :D


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