Get that perfect glow and smoothness with Olay Total Effects Serum+Cream Duo

By Tarry 

Hello my sweetie pies...

Am just hooked to kind of nostalgic phase today. So its songs like Rasputin, Brown Girl in the ring (both by Boney M) and even Girl you know its true (by this another group called Mili Vanelli) on loop today. By the way, did you guys know that Boney M and Mili Vanelli were actually created by the same guy? And it was this guy who was actually the main male voice in Boney M but only inside the recording studios? 

Anyhoo, so much for the music trivia...  A few days ago, I felt that since the weather was changing and my skin has started having some dry patches, I need to switch to a better moisturiser. I am at an age when I should ideally start off with anti ageing products (I am on the other side of 30.... much other ;-), but somehow, all anti ageing products break me out be it summers or winters. My doc says that my skin still hasn't started ageing as of yet but I should start off atleast now.... 

Ok... so since anti ageing stuff doesn't suit me much, I keep away. However, this time I decided to check on the Olay Total Effects Duo. I have heard a lot of good things about this one and how, this is one of the best Olay products. So I picked up this one and after a month and half of using it, I am finally ready to talk on it.  

Here I present to you my ladies,

the Olay Total Effects 7 in one Cream + Serum Duo

Indian Beauty Blog / Get that perfect glow and smoothness with Olay Total Effects Serum+Cream Duo

What the product claims :
This is the Total Effects most concentrated moisturising formula, with SPF 15. It combines the Total Effects moisturiser you love, plus an intense serum to fight 7 signs of ageing and give you fairer, younger looking skin. The result, visibly younger looking skin. 

Indian Blog / Get that perfect glow and smoothness with Olay Total Effects Serum+Cream Duo

Rs.369 for 20 gms 

Availability :
Olay counters across India and even online... super easily...

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Olay Total Effects Serum+Cream Duo review 

On the Outside :
I super love the pump on Olay Total Effects and Regenerist ranges. They are such nice and handy kind of pumps. The top carton is black with a beige tone and has all details like price, ingredients etc. Its always better to keep this box as it makes the product even more travel friendly. Inside, the regular slim total effects bottle with a cute pump nozzle and a transparent cap. You can always see how much is left and trust me, you end up using the product till the last drop. 

Indian Beauty Blog / Olay Total Effects Serum+Cream Duo for Indian winter skin care

On the Inside :
The Olay total effects serum plus cream duo is a far better option than the Olay total effects regular moisturiser. It has a serum for anti ageing and a cream for even tone skin. Infact, if you see the bottle closely, you can see deep yellow coloured ribbons inside the light beige yellow cream. So it is far lighter than the regular total effects and much more effective too. The texture is very light and gets absorb in the skin quite easily. It hasn't broken me out at all and forms a perfect base for makeup too. If you use this at night, you wake up with much softer skin. I just love what it has done to my skin.... <3 <3 

Indian Beauty Blog / Get that perfect glow and smoothness with Olay Total Effects Serum+Cream Duo

Thumbs up for :
- Quite a decent anti ageing product to start off with. 
-  Does make the skin smooth and glowing, with minor fine lines like smile lines looking less prominent in a months time.
- Doesn't break out oily skin and is super awesome for dry skin.
-  Gives a smooth even tone to the skin with smaller pores.
- Travel friendly packaging.
- Little goes a long way. My 20 gm bottle lasted a month and half.  
- Decent SPF 15.
- Makes foundation and BB creams application much easier. 

Thumbs down for :
- Does take time to show results. 
- Some people may find it costly. 

Indian Beauty Blog / Get that perfect glow and smoothness with Olay Total Effects Serum+Cream Duo

4.99 out of 5

The Olay Total Effects Serum + Cream Duo is a wonderful moisturiser for all skin types (sensitive ones may need to check) which not only makes your skin smooth and glowing but also takes care of those initial fine lines. It also makes a nice base for makeup. Overall, it is all what you may ask from a moisturiser. I simply love....
 Oooh ... baby, I'd love you to want me too... 
 ... there I go into nostalgic mood again with Lobo ;-) 

Have you tried the Olay total effects serum plus cream duo?
Which is your favourite moisturiser for skin? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. loved the clicks.. nice review dear..

  2. Boney M hahaha yes Brown girl in the ring n Mary's Boy Child is the song I listen to during Christmas time...
    M so lazy to apply all these creams but I think I shud start now.. Lol.. I will try this sometime.. nice review dear :)

  3. Thanks Kanika.... thanks for stopping by too....

  4. Thanks Nats... yeah Boney M's Mary's Boy child is the perfect christmas song and so is 'Christmas time mistletoe and wine'.... You should start this one off soon... It is awesome and doesn't break out...

  5. Good morning Tarry... Great review! <3

  6. i have used this one quite a few time nd really liked it! It really gets absorbed in the skin but yeah its kinda expensive no doubts...Lovely Review dear :)


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