'And I found peace in the woods'..... featuring MaalGaadi (JOTD)

By Tarry

Hi my beautiful darlings... 

How many times does it happen with you that you find peace at place where you thought about it at the least? Well, we always look at cliched options when we have to find something. But little do we realize that actually, it's always the unconventional doors that open up to the most enchanting places. 

Living in a decent big city may have its own charm, but has its drawbacks too. The hustle bustle, the fast pace, the crowds may become a little too much at times. And in these moments, we always look for a corner where we can find peace. On my recent shoot trip for styling this beautiful 'Peace in my life' earcuff from MaalGaadi, I finally found the inner peace I was always seeking, amidst the woods... :-) 

Here's presenting a beautiful JOTD, 
 "And I found peace in the woods..." featuring MaalGaadiIndia.. 

Indian Fashion Blog JOTD 'And I found peace in the woods'..... featuring MaalGaadi 

Indian Lifestyle Blog JOTD 'And I found peace in the woods'..... featuring MaalGaadi

The place where this has been shot was actually not the real decided destination. We just thought of taking a break amidst these jungles (btw, there has been stray tiger spotting in the nearby area... a fact that really scared us later). Since the light seemed nice, we decided to do a few trial shots before we proceeded to our decided venue. But somehow, the calmness of the surroundings, the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaves made us fall in love with the place. 
The photographs that follow were just trial shots, but the results came out amazing and we decided to keep them...  The calmness of the woods had taken over me.... and bestowed much needed peace ! 

Check out the pix.... 

Indian Beauty Blog JOTD featuring MaalGaadiIndia

Indian Fashion Blog Autumn Winter Fashion

Autumn Winter Floral Fashion Indian Autumns
Indian Lifestyle Blog JOTD 'And I found peace in the woods'..... featuring MaalGaadi
Indian Fashion Blog Wearing florals in winters
Indian Jewellery Blog JOTD 'And I found peace in the woods'..... featuring MaalGaadi
Indian Fashion Blog How to style ear cuffs 
Indian Fashion Blog How to style red denims and bottoms for winters

The styling was simple. I chose my favourite Red denims from Westside, with a floral vest from Globus and teamed by another floral lycra jacket (gifted) to create a layered look for Autumn. For footwear, I had picked a pair of velvet wedges (random buy). My flowing tresses are all thanks to Lancy's MABH Oil. The lightweight and beautiful 'Peace in my life' earcuff is from MaalGaadi. Do check their fb and instagram stores. They have a sale going at the moment. 

Photography by : Naeem Chishti

How did you like this JOTD and styling post on PEL?
What's your favourite way of styling for winters?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. omg i love your hair <3 <3
    this post is so perfect in every ways <3

  2. Lovely pics. The location is so beautiful. And you're looking really nice too :)

  3. Thanks a ton Dollie... seriously the rawness of the location makes it even more beautiful... btw, love ur blog Indianshringar...

  4. thank you my darling... u r are my sweetheart <3 <3

  5. I don't know if I wud ever do a OOTD bcoz m so bad at dressing up.. i like clothes as simple as they can be :D
    Coming to ur OOTD great job on the pics .. the outfit looks nice so does the ear cuff.. if we cnt find peace how abt wearing the ear cuff :P

  6. lovely pictures and your poses ;)


  7. thanks for ur lovely words Nats... I always admire ur simple style of dressing and u should definitely do an ootd ... Am sure u wud rock it.... And yeah! peace is so valuable these days... so even if an earcuff gives it, why not ;-)

  8. thanks purva .... I do visit planetbeauties off and on... love it...

  9. The pics are soo good Tarannum. You are looking very comfortable in front of the camera...and at peace too. Its showing up on your face. Love how u have paired d red jeans! :)

  10. Aparajita Sengupta19 November 2014 at 17:05

    I am in LOVE with these pics and your sense of style <3 So fresh and elegant!

  11. thaaaannkkkkkk you so much Jyo... your comments are so precious for me.... Thanks.... I am not a typically florals kinda girl but somehow, opted for this one for a change... :-)

  12. Thanks Aparajita... Nothing too great about my sense of style... Since I am the curvy one, I prefer comfort over anything else....


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