Some Rapunzel time now... I have taken the MABH Hair growth Blogger challenge

Hi lovelies…
Sorry for being so very missing in action. But yes, things seem to be settling now and I would be blogging quite regularly soon… Thank you all for staying tuned.
This is a much pending post but it got delayed because of the shifting and stuff! Apologies to dear Lancy of MABH. But better late than never  J

Ok… So I have been a tomboy the biggest period of my life. And short hair is something which I always had and love. So much that even in some of the biggest occasions, I have flaunted my short hair to my glory.

But in the last few years, I have started sporting a little longer hair. Or rather, a girlie look. My mom never opposed my idea of getting my hair short but somehow, she now mildly insists that I should grow my hair. In her twenties, she had ankle length hair, whereas me … Oh I had the shortest Bob possible J

I have grown my hair to short-medium length but never medium-long, say near the upper waist. So when Lancy, the amazing woman behind the wonderful MABH herbal oil and blog, announced her blogger challenge for hair growth, I jumped for it. Afterall, it was giving me a chance to live my mom’s dream and also, fulfill her desire without much effort J

Yes Girls! I am in for the MABH Hair Growth Blogger challenge. 
you can check all details related to the oil, the challenge and also, Lancy's awesome info, how to buy the oil details and hair recipes here about MABH

And these are the pix of my present hair length and condition. Sorry for the poor pix girls as my camera is still locked and not charged and I couldn’t keep this post waiting for long. But in the next post you would definitely see better hair clicks J

Indian Lifestyle Blog / the MABH Hair growth Blogger challenge 

For info : This is my current details of the hair…

I have mid length [below my bra strap ;-) ] brown hair. I have abused them enough with pollution, hours in the sun and colours too. They are thick, wavy, a bit towards dry and damn frizzy. They seem long for post wash, curl up to just being half. They have been cut in layers with outgrown front bangs.

Indian Beauty Blog / the MABH Hair growth Blogger challenge

My current hair care routine  : 

I religiously wash my hair thrice a week. Twice, I apply hair oil for atleast two hours before washing and once I week, I use a hair pack. The pack can be either one with fenugreek seeds and curd, curry leaves and curd, dried bhringraj powder and curd, dried hibiscus flowers with curd and almond oil, dried harad powder with curd… My own concoctions which if you all want I can share. 

I use conditioner twice a week and an intensive hair mask once. I have a diet filled with proteins as I eat eggs, dal and milk quite regularly. Infact, I drink a glass of milk everyday.

Indian Hair care Blog / the MABH Hair growth Blogger challenge

I have been using the MABH oil quite regularly. Infact, check the pictures to see the amount I have finished after using it since October 1. Infact, on days when I was shifting, I have used it the entire day on my head and then, washed it in the evening only. My mom has also used this but she oils her hair only once a week. 

Grow long hair / the MABH Hair growth Blogger challenge

Here are some good points I found with this amazing oil :

1.   I absolutely adore the smell. It’s the kind you smell in those exotic ayurveda hair spas. Awesome!
2.   It makes my hair super soft to touch after I wash it off.
3.   It’s the easiest oil so far in my life to wash off! YES! I mean it. I just have to wash my hair once to wash this off. I don’t oil my hair too strongly though. Just the scalp and the ends.
4.   It makes my frizz get in control. I love to touch my hair after I have washed the oil off.
5.   I have noticed my hair looks much healthier in just two weeks of regular usage.
6.   I feel that they are growing a littler faster than earlier.

I would be updating all details of how the challenge goes in the forthcoming posts of the challenge. Do stay tuned and feel free to ask me any queries on the oil or any hair care regimes. 

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  1. I have used this oil and loved it for all its natural goodness.. Its bn 10 months since I cut my hair n do not intend to as I have scanty hair.. I see it worked nice for u as well .. even i dont hv prob with the smell although some people had :)

  2. I'm waiting to see how long your hair grows now :P I'm also using this hair oil currently :)

  3. Great review dear. .i have used it n it's really nice...x

  4. hey i am also part of this challenge... all the best :)

  5. Hey Nats.. I too superloved the smell... Oh you should go in for protein shots for the hair then. I'll check on some natural remedy too... And i do go in for regular trims once in three months as it makes the ends look and feel nice...

  6. Hey sweetie... you toh have amazing hair... My target is only upper waist length, soft and lustrous hair... as i can't handle them beyond that length :-)

  7. Thanks sweetie... you have lovely hair...

  8. Hey Sindhu... thanks for dropping by... Hi Five for being a partner in crime... :-)

  9. I am yet to take up this challenge, will be buying this oil now. Have heard some nice reviews so far!



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