La Comida : Some tastes from the Spanish Platter

By Tripti 

Hiii my dear friends :-) 

I am back after week-long illness and now my tongue is actually singing "jee lalchaye, raha na jaye" for whatever. The ‘khichdi’ diet for one week left my taste buds numb and now even the thought of food I had during my holiday in Spain is driving me crazy. You need to stick to the post, if you are too a foodie like me.

Apparently, food rules most of us Indians and I am indeed no exception. Street food in a moment just devastates my calorie plan. And when it's about visiting another country, then food definitely take the first thoughts. I never heard much about Spanish food probably due to my vegetarian status. So, I was not much curious but this time I was happy that we are going to get some home- cooked vegetarian food at least.

Amazingly my dear friends, it just took me a short while to realize how similar is their food culture to us. I could see the women spending their evening in kitchen for delightful food. Food with ample amount of oil, remarkable spices and most importantly television playing in the background while dinner, wondered me.

Indian Lifestyle Blog La Comida : Some tastes from the Spanish Platter 

Indian Food Blog / La Comida : Some tastes from the Spanish Platter 
Normally, Spanish people starts with an appetizer (tapas) followed by the main course meal, further followed by fruits and lastly wrap up with a small dark coffee as supper. Perhaps , the ample amount of oil can bother you a bit, but I rather choose to burn calories after banking them ...;-)

Indian Lifestyle Blog / La Comida : Some tastes from the Spanish Platter / Spanish Tapas

If you too share vegetarian status with me, it may bother you in many European countries, especially in coastal countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece because there 'fish' is also being served as vegetarian.( I faced it in Germany too) so, we were enough blessed this way but Ricardo and his family they spent not less than two months to research on vegetarian options for us.

well, I am artless to talk about the recipes and ingredients of the various dishes but yes, I can surely introduce you with some international Spanish cuisines. The one leads the list is 'Paella' Spanish way of making rice with meat and spices. It has a special pan and the tradition is of eating it together in the same pan. Though we ate its vegetarian version which was equally new for others too in the family.

Indian Beauty Blog / La Comida : Some tastes from the Spanish Platter / Paella

Spanish Food / La Comida : Some tastes from the Spanish Platter / Paella

Another famous dish is' tortilla con patata''a very simple yet super delicious dish with egg and potatoes. You really need to try this at home. Just check the recipe on internet and make it your best served snacks.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / La Comida : Some tastes from the Spanish Platter / Tortilla Con Patata
This recipe made me fall in love with aubergines (brinjals), whom I never liked since childhood except in the form of 'bharta'. This is an unique baked recipe with both veg and non-veg versions. So, I insist you to please check how to prepare ''berenjas rellenas'' and make your kitchen global.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / La Comida : Some tastes from the Spanish Platter / Berenjas Rellenas

So, thumbs up to Spanish food. Just loved each and every dish I tasted there and most importantly, I did not had to request at all to make it more spicy for me. So, give it a quick try whenever get a chance either to eat or cook and let your tongue say ''jee lalchaye, raha na jaye''.... ;-)

Oh My God! This is such a amazing post Tripti... I have been really busy with shifting and stuff and did not get time to enjoy food delicacies... But your post makes me go 'jee lalchaye' as well. And wow! what an innovative idea to make brinjals... WOW! 

How do you find this post on PEL ?

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Yummy post..
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  2. Indeed Tejinder... i am a big admirer of Spanish food now... and for non's heaven..


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