Diwali Special : Purple Blue and gold look for Dhanteras

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Finally, there is a nip in the air… announcing not just the arrival of winters but also, the biggest festive season in India… Diwali.
Am sure all of you must have already started getting your stuff ready for Diwali and decided on what to wear on the five day festival.
Beginning today, Team PEL will bring to you some nice and simple ideas to look your best for the festival and party season. These looks would be simple, which can be done without much effort and yet, would make you look classy and elegant.

Stay tuned because somewhere in the middle of all these, we will also be announcing our Diwali – Autumn special giveaway. Keep watching this space J

First up in the Diwali special series is purple-blue-gold look by Tripti.  
You can wear this look with blue, or purple outfits that have added gold bling with them. 
Check this out now J

Purple Blue and Gold look for Diwali 

Indian Beauty Blog / Diwali Special : Purple Blue and gold look for Dhanteras 

From Tripti : 
The look is quite simple, yet is classy as well. While the emphasis is on the eyes, the lips too have a bold look to keep the festival mood intact. 

Indian Fashion Blog / Diwali Special : Purple Blue and gold look for Dhanteras
After creating a foundation base, apply powder to seal it. Dust your cheeks with a nice peach blush as it will enhance the gold in the eyes. Apply eye primer and then, apply Purple eye shadow in three fourth area (from outside to inside) and blend. Add a little blue eye shadow here to enhance the colour and give it more blue look. 

Get ready for Diwali Special : Purple Blue and gold look for Dhanteras
Apply golden coloured eye shadow to the remaining area, specially near the inner corners and blend. Make sure you use shimmer eye shadows to keep the festive feel and mood. Now apply black eye liner on the upper lid. 

Makeup for Diwali Indian Festival : Purple Blue and gold look for Dhanteras
For the water line and lower lid, apply thick blue eyeliner. Use a pencil preferably in deep blue and smudge it with eye shadow of the same shade to give a mysterious look. Finish the look with a nice pinkish tone red lipstick in creme finish to add to the glossy touch. 

Wear your favourite gold accessories and you are ready to go. 

All Photographs by : Yogesh Upreti 

I Loved this look Tripti. It looks so lovely on you and will suit all complexions, specially Indian skin tones. And Blue is such an in colour this season. And Yogesh's clicks are awesome as Hamesha :-) Love it !

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  1. vow.. u look amazing. loved the look n credit goes to the photographer :)

  2. I like this look and photograph tooo....u looks like traditional beauty

  3. Thank you so much Natasha... and definitely credits to my lovely photographer for photos and many things.

  4. I think festivals are to look different.... so attempted to look more traditional. Thank you so much for the compliment Urmi.


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