Diwali Special : All Gold and a Little Bold Diwali Night Look

By Tarry

Happy Chhoti Diwali lovelies…

AHA! So finally the nip in the air makes it the perfect Diwali weather. I am so happy. Diwali happens to be one of my favourite festivals alongwith Holi as these festivals give us an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family… 
Somehow, I always feel that the light from the earthen lamps looks more radiant and spreads more happiness than anything else… Philosophy ahan!

Thanks to all of you who have been keeping tune of our Diwali special series and giving us such wonderful comments and compliments. 
Each one of you is a big ego booster especially in times when I am feeling a little low. Anyways, as promised, here is the Diwali night look to look your radiant best. Btw, Mr Chhotu camera again refused to behave well and hence, the lighting and quality is a little average. But there is some good news coming soon.

So, here’s the 

All Gold and a Little Bold Diwali Night Look

Indian Makeup Blog Diwali Special : All Gold and a Little Bold Diwali Night Look

Create a perfect base for the shimmery metallic makeup by first moisturizing your skin (Olay Total Effects Duo) and then, applying your favourite foundation (Loreal Nude Powder Magic Foundation). 
Since you will be photographed a lot, conceal any dark circles and spots to create a flawless look (Revlon Colorstay Concealer). Now apply powder to set it all (Rimmel Stay Matte).

Indian Beauty Blog Diwali Special : All Gold and a Little Bold Diwali Night Look

Head over to the eyes now. Since it’s a night look, we decided to go a little bold. Apply a shimmery brown or copper coloured eye shadow as the base shade on the 2/3 of your lids till the crease (MAC Pigment Tan). 
Next, take a Golden eyeshadow and apply on the remaining area, specially the inner corner, and blend well. Apply this same colour lightly under your brow bone as well, alongwith a highlighter or a rose gold eye shadow for that metallic effect.

Indian Lifestyle Blog Diwali Special : All Gold and a Little Bold Diwali Night Look

Now, take your favourite liquid or gel liner and apply it from the inner corner to out and create a wing. Make it a little bold and graphic by adding another wing below the first one to create a fishtail like effect (Lakme Absolute Shine Line and Inglot Gel Liner 77). Apply mascara as you like in one, two or three coats (Maybelline Hyper curl) and also, kajal on just half of your waterline (Maybelline Colossal). 
Fill in your brows to complete the eyes (ELF Warm Neutrals Palette).

Makeup for Diwali : All Gold and a Little Bold Diwali Night Look

Give your face some more dimension by applying a bronzer on the cheeks till the forehead and some near the hairline and the jawline too (Loreal Bronzer Duo). You can also contour your face if you want. Highlight your high areas.
Go Bold for the lips too. Fill your lips with your favourite red or fuchsia lipstick (MAC Charmed I’m sure) and apply a peach/light pink gloss over it to make your pout look ooh! Tie your hair back in your favourite hairstyle and you are done.

Makeup for Diwali night party : All Gold and a Little Bold Diwali Night Look

I enjoyed doing this graphic eye liner and I would be experimenting with some more soon. Will be posting one more Diwali Look for those who like a little mysterious element for Diwali makeup.

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali and may you all be blessed with loads of happiness and prosperity.

How do you find this post on PEL ?
Are you looking forward to our festival special series? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. That is a pretty look u created Tarry .. m hopeless with eyeliners. i liked ur fishtail one :D
    Diwali is going all glam u did a good job,, Happy Diwali in advance.. Enjoy ☺☺

  2. This post would have been so incomplete without you Nats! i learnt this style through a small trick which I would share with you soon sweetie and you'll become a pro.... thanks for all your lovely comments... Have a safe and happy Diwali...

  3. U look hot darling. .
    loved everything. ..happy diwali dear.have a safe diwali n njoy...xx

  4. Liked your double winged eyeliner, I always messed up doing the double wing :( Do a tutorial nah! plzzz


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