Teaser : Upcoming travel post on Valencia, Spain

By Tripti

Hello my dear friends.....

Ah! Holidays are both relaxing and tiring…. Aren’t they!
I am just back from my holidays (few hours back)…  The adventure of exploring nature and different places has came to rest for the time but my mind is still storming with the thoughts and images which I and my hubby dearest have captured in these very memorable past fortnight.

From the most green place (black forest) to one of the most happening place in the world (Paris) and then to a famous a coastal place (Valencia), these holidays were a complete package of wonders, adventure, beauty, fun, amazement and a lifetime of memories.

Indian Lifestyle Blog : Valencia, Spain travel post 

Now comes the tough part…. I want to share all these places, all my journeys and discoveries with you but have to limit the words and mould feelings into them.
I am gonna try my best but for now leaving you with few of my glimpses of Valencia, Spain.

Indian Lifestyle Blog : Valencia, Spain travel post 

There is lot more beyond and more than these photographs, which you will definitely get to read in my upcoming posts. See you soon with some more exciting stuff.

Indian Lifestyle Blog : Valencia, Spain travel post 

PEL SHOUTS : WOW! Such fabulous photos indeed Tripti.... And this bull race reminds me of apni bollywood movie 'Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara' :-) Am so eagerly waiting for the complete posts now. Am sure even the PEL friends would be eager... 

How did you find this teaser on PEL ?
Are you looking forward to these posts as well? 

Do share you views in comments box,
 because they really encourages us make us superhappy :-D 
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  1. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters2 September 2014 at 18:36

    Amazing clicks.. And I am so excited for full post.. Spain I deed reminds me of that movie only.. Such a beautiful place.. :-*

  2. The same movie was my inspiration..... but i must say... Spain is much more than what is showed in the movie..

  3. I am super excited to read the full post..i love reading about different places :)

  4. That's great Purva..... so, just stick to the blog... you are gonna get lovely stuff to read ahead.

  5. great pics.... n pretty much xcited to read your experience of Spain.
    Spain is a wonderful Country versed with beautiful historical legacy, vibrant culture, beautiful coastlines, diverse landscapes and also infrastructure...willingly waiting to read bout that Tripti. :)

    !!! i love to travel and also luv to read about places... :)

  6. YOU said so much true about Spain... i am still recalling the time i spent there..


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