Street Vs Brands : Tiny little friends that deck up your ears

By Aakriti

Beneath those locks, twinkling at the edge of one's ear lobes, is that pretty metal piece that blings up your face.
Hi girls, here my next post on Street vs Brands on my collection of petite pretty earrings.
Ok so personally, I never leave the house without wearing my earrings as I feel it's one such accessory that makes you feel totally girly.
Maybe it's also with the Indian features that one's face feels empty without them. My ears were pierced even before I turned 1,
 so this is one accessory I've been wearing the longest soo far J

Here's my collection of street vs brands earrings.

The first up is STREET

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Tiny little friends that deck up your ears

So, this pair of earring is one such accessory that you can probably only wear for a casual occasion. Being a bow lover, I couldn’t resist myself from buying this and also it’s PINK. So totally high on the GIRL quotient or GQ J
It's not very petite but its delicate structure just makes it look very flow.

Indian Fashion Blog / Tiny little friends that deck up your ears

It's artificial metal and the colour is pink enamel over them.
I purchased this pair from a street vendor in Lajput Nagar in Delhi at just 20 rupees. Super cheap na!
 So what did I do ? Bought all the colours and gifted my friends.

Now comes BRANDS

Fashion earrings review  / Tiny little friends that deck up your ears

 This is my personal favourite pair of earrings as I simply LOVE dragonflies.
This cute little pair of blingy earrings go just soo well with my daily college outfits.
They are also in my favourite colours i.e. - gold and white, so luckily they match my watch, my bracelet and rings.
 I purchased this pair from my favourite store, also mentioned in my earlier posts "CLAIRE'S", in Elante mall- Chandigarh. Since I’m such a regular customer to their store now, I have a membership card that provides me with a 5 % discount on any item I purchase in my birthday month.

Indian Lifestyle Blog / Tiny little friends that deck up your ears

 I Purchased this pair at INR 450, but from a store like theirs I really didn’t mind spending this much. It's artificial metal with white enamel. Pair them up on casual days with jeans and shirt and you're all set to groove.

Tip :- Replace metal earring backs with plastic ones for preventing blackening of ear piercing holes. Make a thin paste of Colgate tooth powder and water, apply over the blackened area, wash after it dries, to lighten already darkened ear holes.

PEL SHOUTS : OOH! These earrings are so cute ! Both look lovely and dainty indeed. I kinda loved both of them. However, I always love dangling stuff or biggie ones. And the tip is wonderful as ever sweets. Good one!


  1. Very cute....looks really nice..

  2. I usually prefer the cheaper option as new trends keep on coming n i get bored easily with the same earing.. nice post xo

  3. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters28 September 2014 at 12:07

    Both the earrings are really cute.. I prefer cheaper options any time as I want loads of them :D :D

  4. Both are very pretty nd cute! I don't think I can choose between the two at all :)


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