Street Vs Brands : Let yourself loose and tie a scarf around you ....

By Aakriti 

Bad hair day? Can't think what necklace to wear? or simply stuck in boring plain jane tees?

Hi Girls, Here’s a solution to these… 
Am sure you will love this week’s edition of 
Street Vs Brands for sure.

Presenting to you, on the beginning of autumns and unstable rains…
Patterned scarves

Scarves are life savers on a day you can't decide what to wear. They not only add that extra colour to your dull outfits, but can be hair savers too. 
And not to forget the pizzazz they add.
Here's my collection of the scarves, from Streets and Brands.

Streets :
 Lajpat Nagar... yes, one of Delhi's craziest markets, where you can find scarves hanging on a large bars after ever 5 steps you take. From the hundred of scarves I've purchased from here, this is one of my favourite as its 'Aztec' print.

Indian Fashion Blog / Street Vs Brands : Let yourself loose and tie a patterned scarf 

Purchased at only 50 INR (Yup! Dirt cheap… but not dirty ;-) , this 1.5 metre long and about 16 inches wide scarf is one neutral print that goes along with almost every outfit.
It's bright pink border makes the print even bolder and adds a bit of colour to it. It's a very thin chiffon like material making it vulnerable to holes and tears, but who cares for the rate it has been purchased at J

Indian Fashion Blog / Street Vs Brands : Let yourself loose and tie a patterned scarf 

  I pair it with plain colour tees with a pulled back bun not letting my long tresses fall over the print and hide it.

Brand :
My favourite store "Accessorize" acts like a powerful magnet, where I get pulled to every time I go to Elante Mall in Chandigarh. It's one Chic store girls! So I happened to have purchased this square shaped silk scarf from there at 70% off for INR 347 only. I love its silky texture and Hot pink encircling border with tiny little sparrows all over.

Indian Fashion Blog / Street Vs Brands : Let yourself loose and tie a patterned scarf 

It's 1 by 1 metre long and happens to possess a comparatively stronger material making it tear prone than the street scarf. It's a totally go-grab deal since you can pair it on both casual as well as formal occasions for its material.

Indian Fashion Blog / Street Vs Brands : Let yourself loose and tie a patterned scarf / @ PEL

Here's a google post reference for you all for how you can tie your scarf in many different ways. And if nothing works, just throw it around your neck…

Indian Fashion Blog / Street Vs Brands : Let yourself loose and tie a patterned scarf / Google Images 

So get your creative patterned scarf and create a new knot !!! And a new you… 

PEL SHOUTS : Now this is indeed my favourite post so far... Hmm... or is it the second favourite... ? Indeed a very awesome comparison Aksi... And this time, I find both of them a value for money kinds... Both are classy in their own way. Btw, this reminds me of a beautiful Satya Paul scarf I have which is my prized possession. Time to dig it out. 

How do you find this feature on PEL ?
 What are your favourite brands or markets for picking up scarves? 

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Street shopping is always amazing and fun compared to brand shopping, we get so many colors, pattern and designs to choose from in street shopping, loved the post, very well put!!

  2. Scarves are a great way to pep up ur outfit on any boring day,, i hv plenty of them time to make some use of it.. nice post :)

  3. Scarves are so imp! They can change the look of an outfit instantly! Lovely pictures!

  4. I loved both!
    The birds on the other one are so pretty!

  5. I'm going to adore to side of the story ;)
    Loved both the version But the Birdy print is more alluring :)

  6. yes , the birdy one's my favourite as well :D

  7. thankyou :D

  8. scarves are very apt of autumn season as well :D

  9. Street shopping is just another level of fun :D

  10. Harcrazyforcosmetics10 September 2014 at 11:47

    Awesome post !! I love both yr scarves in fact the Lajpat Nagar one better :)

  11. I love how you can achieve the same look with both scarves, and they both look just as classy! I picked up a Chanel scarf once for a song at a silent auction (got really lucky with that one!), and have it tied around my bag so I can use it whenever!


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