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By Tarry

Hi my lovely people….

I felt the first flush of the autumn breeze today… Oh God! How much I love this… it announces the arrival of the festival season and also, winters. So indeed this breeze is a mood uplifter for sure.

Anyways, last time I asked you all what would you love to see on the blog… And many of you said that you would like to see some street shopping posts and also, some online ecommerce reviews. Well the street shopping posts may start arriving soon, but here comes the beginning to the online shopping sites. I feel online shopping has made everything so easy. We now have access to brands sitting in the comfort of our homes.
So here is the review of an immensely popular and wonderful online site, Jabong.com

Here is a site link :

I was recently planning to buy some skin and hair care stuff and was looking for Iraya products, when my google search landed me to Jabong.com. What! Jabong for hair care stuff? I have always shopped for accessories and clothes from Jabong, but never products.
I searched through the entire skin care and hair care section of the site and found that they indeed have an impressive collection. Not just apna regular brands were available with a discount tag, but even brands like Iraya and W2 which are not easily available in all the cities. I quickly ordered an Iraya Castor Oil shampoo (since someone I knew was praising it a lot) and a W2 cranberry face scrub.

You can find them here :
Iraya Shampoo : here
W2 cranberry scrub : here

The site is quite easy to navigate and order. Since I was already registered on the site, it was quick to check the billing and shipping address. Within a few minutes of placing the order, I received the email and sms and the order was delivered to me in four days. As an when the order was dispatched and shipped (it came in two parts although together J ), an sms and email alert told me the position.

Indian Lifestyle Blog Shopping Files with Jabong.com

Now here the package that I received. I got the parcel in two different packages. While one, containing my Iraya Shampoo, was packed in a box with the shampoo in bubble wrap and securely packed, the second one was a corrugated carton with no bubble wrap.

Indian Fashion Blog Shopping Files with Jabong.com
Here is the only con which I found with Jabong.com.  While the outer cover said fragile with a sticker clearly showing the sign, the box was badly damaged in transit. Thankfully. Nothing happened to the product inside as it was a plastic tube packed inside a hardpaper box (company packaging). See the below pix for reference.

Indian Beauty Blog / Shopping Files with Jabong.com
While in case of the scrub, this was managed, had there been something else in the package, the damage would have been beyond repairs. While on one hand I loved how Jabong.com team had carefully packed my shampoo in a ‘showstopper’ box, the second packaging indeed left a bad taste. I just wish and seriously hope that the Jabong team is more careful about their packaging.

Online Shopping Review / Shopping Files with Jabong.com
PEL SHOUTS : I would rate my experience as GOOD (It would have been Great and Excellent if the packaging was taken care of) with Jabong.com.  The site has a good range (I love their fashion section) and is easy to use, navigate and order. The responses are quick and tracking is easy. Only, they need to work harder on their packaging and give it some more personalized touch.

PEL rating : 4.5 out of 5 ( .5 deducted for the only con, which is indeed a big one)

How did you find this review on PEL ?
Which is your favourite eCommerce portal for shopping?
Do tell me what do you want me to review first

Do share you views and please leave in comments because it really encourages me and makes me superhappy :-D Also, share your blog titles with latest blog posts and we will form a mutual love connect :)


  1. Jabong has good stuff esp on the affordability part... wud love to see review on the products :)

  2. Heard a lot abt this site .
    Great review darlin

  3. I love Jabong, been shopping with them since they started, never had a problem! :) I'm surprised that your box got delivered in such an awful condition but thankfully no harm came to the products! :D

  4. I love shopping with them! They have some amazing stuff at really good prices onboard :)


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